Eleganza 2 (2012)


It took some years to find the right music for the sequel to 2007’s Eleganza. I usually don’t play entire sets of emotional music like this, as I would normally include a track or two after a set of intense melodyless beats. That was the idea behind part 1 as well.

This mix holds sentimental value, as it was the final one recorded at Triboro Studio in NYC before making the trek down to Miami with my cat Ouisie, who passed away the day before posting this. As I was packing away, I’d work on this to offset the moving experience over the course of a month.

So I dedicate this mix to you, Ouisie, my techno kitty, for putting up with over 10 years of beats. You must have been bred with a taste for electronic music, as you’d nap like a champ over my loud studio year after year.

Thanks to Frisky Radio for premiering this set on April 20, 2012.

4Mal – Twilight (Melting Intro Mix) – Baroque Limited
Ricky Ryan – Tokyo Tales (Weepee Remix) – Avangardia
Weepee – Platea – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light (Weepee Remix) – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Dice – Solaris
Robbie Rivera – Closer To The Sun (Dylan Removes Annoying Parts of Inpetto’s Vocal Mix Mashup)
Alfoa – Peyote – 7 Seas
Liluca & Nicolas Agudelo – Timeline (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) – Particles
Quarrel – Spring (Luiz B Remix) – Silk Textures
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Dezza’s Scotian Remix) – Dezire
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Soundprank Aperture Re-Rub) – Dezire
Rick Pier Oneil – Dark Day (Part 1) – Garbage
Soda Please – Luxury (Nikola Remix) – No Smoking
Jay Lumen – One Moment (A Dawn On The Beach Mix) – Pure Substance
Jay Lumen – Perpetual Motion – Pangea
John Creamer & Stephane K – The Healing (Jerome Robins Deep Mix) – Play
Anhken – It Can’t Be – Enhanced Progressive
Anhken – Who’s There – Enhanced Progressive
Answer 42 – Tucano – Anjunadeep
Paul Keeley feat. Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix) – Anjunadeep
Proff – Tell – Anjunadeep
Dinka – Aircraft – Anjunadeep
Schumann & Kloss – Shabuka – Euphonic
Lars Nyhus – Coming Soon
Depeche Mode – Precious (Sasha’s Spooky Mix Edit) – Mute
Mark Norman Presents Celine – Colour My Eyes (Black Hole)
Sunlounger & Zara – Crawling – Soundpiercing
Technasia – Again – Technasia
Shingo Nakamura – Dice (Ambient) – Solaris

Eleganza (2007)


In 2007, I wrote:

“i typically end my abrasively hard techno sets with a touch of trance, melodic techno, or progressive house, but sped up to fit the tempo of that night’s set. this mix is comprised of the tracks that i would put at the end of a techno set, but spun at the speed the producers intended, around 128bpm. you might not know that i grew up listening to progressive house. but when i began to DJ in 1993 i largely shunned it due to its overwhelming success, and my intense desire to stay true to the underground. but now that so much time has passed, i can look back and see that this style was indeed brilliant at times. here’s a group of luxurious tracks carefully selected to demonstrate how possible it is to create beautiful dance music. after recording this 2.5 hour set in the studio, i felt the tracks might be too long, that some needed to be edited down for time, that they took too long “getting to the point.” but then i listened to the final mix and realized it was actually perfect. the nice thing about this medium is that there are no time constraints. no commercials, no schedule, no program. super long blends that ride into oblivion. the art of the blend is becoming a lost one; people are starting to mix with ableton live or other such software, eliminating the need to keep two records going without slipping. at my age now, you might consider me old school. i recorded this the old fashioned way – through serato via my 1200s!”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 10.2007


The Gladiator – Soundtrack (J&S Project Meridium Mix) – White
Perasma – Swing 2 Harmony – Vendetta
Holden & Thompson – Nothing (93 Returning Mix) – Loaded
Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms – Ego Music
Benz & MD – Mar Del Plata (Dousk Elaborate Mix) – Aurium
Elevation & Kenneth Thomas – Preen 2006 – Electronic Elements
Pig & Dan – Decisions – Submission
Rico Puestel – Interstate West – Minimal Sound Noise
The Timewriter – Is This Life – Plastic City
Aerosoul – Time Is By Your Side (Cala Azul Remix) – T.U.S.O.M.
Delerium feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian – Angelicus (Redanka Remix) – Nettwerk
Wally Lopez – Dark Sweet Piano (Moussa Clarke Remix) – La Factoria
Nikola Gala – Blue Impulse – Subterra
Simon Pierce – I’m Yours – King Kong
Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix) – EMI UK
The Oval Five Project – Vertigo (Dylan’s :92 Remaster) – Gee Zone
Elton D – I’m Happy – Code
303F – Rising (Neo Mix) – 303F
Glenn Morrison – Hydrology – Mau5trap
Deadmau5 – Jaded – Mau5trap
Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit) – Mau5trap
Satoshi Fumi pres. Deptech – Sweet Sensation – Klik
Vince Watson & Paul Mac – Track 2 – Influenced

Blazin (2002)

In 2002, I wrote:

“67 minute techno mix originally recorded for dj dionysos’s show on uk based pirate radio, broadcasted on 08.22.02. this is a spontaneous mix patched through the effects returns of my studio’s mixing console, which gave the signal a strange compressed feeling.”

recorded at tetanus studio, 08.07.2002 – brooklyn

Rob Acid – Mars – Shot Tools
Mr. G – Mine U Bassbins – Duty Free
Soultek – Chapter One – Kompute
Smooky – Super Ugly – Electronik Weed Crew
Mateo Murphy – Love Express (Umek rmx) – Turbo
Hertz & Johan Bacto – Hektadrone – Zync Grooves
Stanny Franssen – Object/Scene – Genetic
Pounding Grooves – 26A – Pounding Grooves
DJ Misjah – B2 – Mankind 15
Invexis – Chrysanthemum – Kazumi
Fabio MC – Prisma – BXR
Mauro Picotto – We’re Back – Sacrifice
Fabio MC – Tortured – BXR
Mario Piu’ – Sensation – BXR
Axel Martsch & Asem Shama – Drumfiles 2.0 – Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten
Component – Memory Loss – Konsequent
DJ Bold – Rooftop Views – Symbolism
Component – Losing It – Konsequent
Peter Dundov – Feelings – Musicman
Component – Who Cares? – Konsequent
Echomen – Truth (Weekend World rmx) – Hooj Choons

Serius (2001)

This was a rare studio trancey techno mix that I felt like doing at the time. A lot of my live sets those days were infused with these “rolling” kind of sounds, fueled mostly by my hero at the time Guy McAffer, the man behind the Raw and No Entry labels, and Geezer.

In 2001, I wrote:

“cd length tech-trance mix. something a little different for the kids.”

recorded at tetanus studios, 09.03.01 – brooklyn

Ian Wilkie – Guten Morgen – Polyester
Tomaz vs. Filterheadz – More House – Traction
Zzino vs. Filterheadz – Corrador – Traction
Dave the Drummer – untitled – Hydraulix 6
Geezer – Buff & Shine – Smitten
Geezer – You’ve Just Fucked Up – Smitten
Ice Pack – Ha-Ha – Cluster
McAffer/Wightman – Nice Tits, Luverly Arse – Raw 007
Trash Compactor – Put The Ham In – No Entry
McAffer/Wightman – The Turnip That Loved Me – Raw 007
Geezer – Shut Up – Smitten
Andreas Krämer & Thomas Poradl – Lecker Mädche – Construct Rhythm
Guy Geezer McAffer – Process Yellow – Minimum Maximum
Max Graham – Shoreline – Hope
S.O.L.I.S. – Dolphins – Alien
Photon Project – The Inside – Black Hole

Trance ’95 (1995)

In 1995 I was quite taken with trance. This is one of my very first attempts at making a mixtape. I believe it was recorded before dd01, just as trance was fully taking hold of our scene in the US. The audio is encoded off a cassette, but I did my best to remaster it back to life. I gave this mix to very few people. There is no track listing.