Miami Sessions: Vol. 1(2013)

In accepting a gig at the well known high end club Spazio in downtown Miami, I was presented with a unique challenge. I needed to choose music that the younger, more commercially oriented clientele would relate to, while maintaining my own standards. The result has turned into something of a unique and new sound for me.

Performed at Club Spazio – Miami, FL – April 6, 2013

Danza 1 (Feb 2013)

DANZA is a voyage of deep, tech, funk and soul, merging electronic cultures from around the globe.

Music by:
Dylan Drazen
Danny Valencia

This set was recorded live on:
Friday, February 22nd / 2013 at Bolivar (South Beach, Miami)

Down South (2013)

Portions of this deep mix have had its fair share of attention before I finally got around to posting it.

It’s been been featured on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades of House, Spain’s Dogglounge, and Trevor Lamont’s House is Home of Lexington, KY.

Here finally is the full 2.5 hr set. This mix was warped, mangled and mashed up using Ableton Live over a week’s studio time. I created a series of YouTube videos explaining portions of what I did, as I did it. Full tracklisting available on

The downloadable mashup:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Deeper Shades of House:


House Is Home:


Volta Cab – My House Is Your House – Undertones
Evren Ulusoy – Dearly Devoted (Gorge’s Classic Remix) – i!
JazzLoungerz feat. Natasha Watts – Tell Me (Kobaalt Remix) – Sweetleaf
Lucas Keizer – Therapy – FWD
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 1) – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 2) – Deep Data
Iron Curtis – Rawls – Kolour
DJ Sprinkles – Sisters, I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To – Mule Musiq
Alex Agore – Don’t Need No One – Undertones
Two Deep – Be Right – Kolour
Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje Rekutt) – White
Jerome Sydenham – Bad Dog – Apotek
Adralan – The Sea – Chillin Music
Dave Clarke & DJ Romain – Up And Down (SoulSwept Mix) – Room Control
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Wagon Cookin Remix) – Underground Collective
Huxley – Dark Bourbon – Kolour
Pol_On – Secret Love – Kolour
Aki Bergen feat. Carmen Sherry – Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix) – Papa
Volta Cab – Problems Solved (Alex Agore Dub) – Undertones
Dave C & DJ Romain feat. Kelli Leigh – Give Me Something (DJ Romain’s Mix) – Room Control
Jovonn feat. Chavell – Don’t Touch Me (Vick Lavender Jazzmental Mix) – Deeptrax
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Sancocho A La Lena Mix) – Underground Collective
James Johnston – You’re Still The Same (Ethyl’s Wheezy Garage Mix) – Kolour
Quell – Army Of Lover (Dimitri Max You’re My Only Mix) – Kolour
Evren Ulusoy – Space For You (Steve Mill Remix) – Outside The Box
Erik Rico – Tonight (Aybee’s Bounce Skate Slap) – SoulfulBeats
Kitano – Going Home – Undertones
Todd Terje – Glittertind – Full Pupp

Colors: West Side (2010)

Playing with Leon at all of these Sunday Love! parties have influenced my tech-house sensibilities, causing me to get back to basics. I had a great time in the studio manipulating these tracks to sound exactly as I wanted them to.

recorded at triboro studio nyc, 08.2010

Alex Sosa – Come Dance With Me – Alma Soul Music
Rene Breitbarth – Wave – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Deux – Deep Data
Reboot – Hello Sweden – Love Letters From Oslo
Renato Cohen feat. Technasia & Mark Ribas – Cosmic Man – Sino
Latenta Project – Only One Life (Surrealism’s Dirty Life Remix) – Wavesurfing
Surrealism – Funk Fool – Discoteca
BalErik & Vadim Yershov – Everybody (Surrealism Remix) – Discoteca
Neighbour – Mozambique – Kolour
Kruse & Nuernberg – Drenched (Motorcity Soul Dub) – Kolour
Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Kruse & Nuernburg Remix) – OM
Rasmus Faber – Cidade Oposta (Tiger Stripes Remix) – Farplane
Jerome Sydenham – Deep Fried – UK Promotions
Matt Tolfrey & D. Ramirez – Bounce To Me (Lauhaus Remix) – Phonica
Chris Lattner – Sick – Fear Of Flying
Lewis Boardman – Mist (Chris Lattner Remix) – NRK
Oliver Dahl – Kanemia – Stereoseven Plus
Technasia – Voyager Eternals – Technasia

Deep Cover (2010)

Studio deep house set recorded in cold December, 2010.

recorded at triboro studio nyc, 12.2010

Rene Breitbarth – Airy – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Widescreen – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Ready – Deep Data
Alex Sosa – Go Deep – Alma Soul
W!ld Mr. K – Now Now I’m Dancing – Bloop
Okain – Scream (Nina Kraviz Remix) – Tsuba
Chris Wood & Meat – Back Down (Sascha Dive’s Chunky Dub) – Murmur
Sascha Dive – The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues – Raum…musik
Sascha Dive – Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix) – Ornaments
Rocco – Someday (NJ Mix) – Real Tone
Patrick Specke – Bitchual Linestepper – Desolat
BLM – Nacho – Fear Of Flying
Mathias Kaden – Roots (Luna City Express/Matthias Tanzmann Rmx) – Vakant R
Tanov – Lajoue (Okain Remix) – Freshliss
Pho – Border Food – Full Flavor
SLG feat. Smolny – Feeling 4 U (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix) – Pets
LawnChair Generals & Alexander East – Talk To Me (Giom Dub)
Portrait – Here We Go Again (Bootleg House Mix)
Sueno Soul feat. Denzie – What You Want (Tom Conrad Dub) – Adaptation
James Johnston – She’s Gone – Kolour
Shur-i-kan vs Milton Jackson – I Want It (Shur-i-kan Mix) – Freerange
Samantha James – Waves of Change (Nikola Gala Remix) – OM
Inaya Day & Ralf Gum – Lose My Worries – Gogo Music

Valley Stream 2 (2009)


it took two years to find music good enough to be justified for this mix. i was always afraid to make a sequel to valley stream because of how that mix affected me. it really inspired me on an emotional level, much like 2003’s only deep. i didn’t want to disappoint myself. it’s also why i never made another ambient mix after nightrain to berlin in 1997. but then one day i was looking through my intelligent playlist and was amazed at all these brilliant, emotionally charged tracks. it was time.

this mix was featured as the 100th podcast on
thanks again to jamar for all your artwork.

produced in space and at triboro studio nyc, 04.2009

Popnoname – The Smallest Part – Italic
Ripperton & She Masaya – I Love… – Num
Martin Skogehall – Rygar – Mezzotinto
Chymera – Caprica Burning – Connaisseur Supérieur
Rocco – Heartbeat (Latin Floor Mix) – Shack Music
BeBe & CeCe Winans – Heaven (Dylan’s Heartbeat vs Heaven Mashup)
Filippo del Moro – Moyo – Electronic Petz
I:Cube – Prophetization – Verastile
Slytek – Calyx (Neon Skin Remix) – Standby
Underworld – Play Pig (Pin & Dan Remix 2) –
Nestor & Lowell – Watching The Waves – Acryl Music
Nikola Gala – Close 2 U – Escada
Scope – Quid Pro Quo (Office Gossip Remix) – Urbantorque
Jimpster – I Want It – Freerange
Dølle Jølle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje Mix) – Permanent Vacation
Pryda – Wakanpi – Pryda Recordings
Loui$ – Pink Footpath (Dylan’s 85 vs Wakanpi Beats Mashup) – Max Music
Supreme Beings Of Leisure – Ride (Gabriel Diggs Remix) – Rykodisc
Stockholm Cyclo feat. M Elino – Beginning People – Cuadra

Valley Stream (2007)


I recorded this set the day after a ridiculously good experience, a NYE party hosted by Victor Calderone at the old Crobar in New York. Victor was in a creative peak during that time, and he brought tech house to a whole new level. This set is the afterglow.

In 2007, I wrote:

“when you come home and you’re not quite sure what do do with yourself, you can’t get to sleep and something’s on your mind.. valley stream can help. our staff is specifically trained to handle and understand your needs. if you aren’t completely satisfied with valley stream’s results, paul hardcastle will personally come to your home and refund you of your experience.

valley stream may not be for everyone. side effects may include drowsiness, listlessness, introspection, philosophical meandering, and inner peace. consult with your emotions for more information.”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 01.2007

Pastaboys – Limit (Re-Edit) – Defected
Cristian Paduraru feat. Ultra Naté – Love’s The Only Drug – White
Anja Schneider & Sebo K – Rancho Relaxo – Mobilee
John Tejada & Arian Leviste – From Empty Words – Palette
Chymera – Murmur – Mezzo
Sweet Coffee – Keep On Running (Sterac Electronics Club Mix) – 541
Electronic Resistance – Marvelous Night (Claude Young Remix) – Sahtatek
Chateau Flight – Boroque – Innervisions
Electronic Resistance – Futurism (Echoplex Remix) – Sahtatek
Lee Humphreys – Right On – DubbCutz
Superbass – I’m With You – Toolroom
Kris Menace feat. Fred Falke – Fairlight – Compuphonic
Kris Menace – Jupiter – Compuphonic
Lindstrøm – I Feel Space – Playhouse
Manuel Tur & Roman Salzger – You Won’t Change (Day Edit) – Electraluxe
Paul Hardcastle – King Tut – Profile

Good Morning! (2006)

In 2006, I wrote:

“bob barker on vicodin says this smooth groove’s gonna hit the roof of your mouth like tastee® whipped cream cheese. well alright.
intro and outro vocals by miss shady tuna freddy turner.”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 08.2006

The Blacklight Society – Shake It Baby – Glideslope
The Blacklight Society – The Ryte Syze – Glideslope
Cosmic Belt – Do It – Glideslope
Stereo Mutants – Street Party – Clubstar
Liquid People – See The Stars – Cyphon
Cue Kids – Havesomeadis – Peng
Mountain People – Mountain 001
Joey Negro – Make A Move On Me (Spen & The Muthafunkaz Remix) – Data
DJ Fudge – Call Me – Tejal
The Fatback Band feat. Bah Samba – Spanish Hustle
Bah Samba feat. The Fatback Band – Let The Drums Speak
Soul Creation And The Masters – Time Warp Revisited – Deepa Grooves
Deep Solution – Made For You – Mettle Music
Harley And Muscle feat. Gerideau – Deeper Love – PCT
Goodlife – I Love You – Belle Epoque
Office Gossip – Street Talk – Winding Road
Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets – Hed Kandi
Late Night Alumni – I Knew You When (Chuck Love Mix) – Quiet City
Ilya – Bliss (Max Sedgley Remix) – Virgin
Machomovers – Something About The Music – Sonntag
DJinxx – Soul Savana – Not Bio

Barbecue 6 (2006)

I couldn’t believe five whole years passed since I did the original Barbecue, but I was honestly having trouble finding tracks in that genre that matched the quality of the original. But there was still some excellent tracks coming out here and there, so I decided to showcase them before it got too late. Rereading my description from back then makes me laugh. I really am insane.

“hey girl! it sure has been a long time! you look good, girl. work them pumps! and your family looks good too, but yo sista looks like she put on a few! anyway grrl, put the kids on the swingset, cuz we have some shit to take care of, yes we do! oh and it looks like you’ve lost some weight too, but screw all that healthy stuff, cuz tonight imma fill yo ass with sweet potato pie, ribs, fried chicken, collard greens and save some room for my sweet lemon meringue pie. maya angelou would be proud, girl, she really would. oh, you wanted to know about these beats? well girl, let me tell you, these tracks are two and a half hours of some of the nastiest vocal jams to hit the streets from three years ago to three weeks ago. we just pick right up where we left off back in 01. now I know it’s hot as hell up in here but that don’t make no kinda difference. get yo ass out there on the patio and shake ya rump!”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 03.2006

DB Boulevard – Point Of View (Stringapella) – Airplane
Gwen Stefani – Holla Back Girl (Dom’s Rmx) – White
Shawn Christopher – You Can Make It – Soulfuric
Mark Grant feat. Russoul – Girl With U – Blackstone
Melba Moore – My Heart Belongs To You – Soulfuric
Terri Walker – Whoopsie Daisy (Beginerz Rmx) – Mercury
Kloud 9 – So Many Reasons (Reel People Rmx) Copyright
Eddy Meets Yannah – Reach The Sky (Reel People Mix) – Compost
Jon Cutler feat. Pete Simpson – Runnin’ – MN2S
Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Faith – Clean Cut
Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Memories – Clean Cut
Usher – Caught Up (Kings Of Soul Mix) – White
Dom & Alex feat. Lelani – (You Are) Head Candy – Deft
Cue Kids feat. Paula Bernadel – Blue Mood – Peng
Blaze – Found Love – West End
Markus Enochson feat. Ingela Olsson – Listen For It – Ricanstruction
Franck Roger & M’Selem feat. Chris Wonder – Reason – Straight Up
So Much Love – White
Miami Collective feat. Oliver Cheatham & Jocelyn Brown – Mindbuster – Vocal
Kenshyro – Sky City (Marquito Rmx) – Map Dance
Laura Pausini – Escucha Atento (T&F vs Moltosugo Klub Mix) – Airplane!