Serius (2001)

This was a rare studio trancey techno mix that I felt like doing at the time. A lot of my live sets those days were infused with these “rolling” kind of sounds, fueled mostly by my hero at the time Guy McAffer, the man behind the Raw and No Entry labels, and Geezer.

In 2001, I wrote:

“cd length tech-trance mix. something a little different for the kids.”

recorded at tetanus studios, 09.03.01 – brooklyn

Ian Wilkie – Guten Morgen – Polyester
Tomaz vs. Filterheadz – More House – Traction
Zzino vs. Filterheadz – Corrador – Traction
Dave the Drummer – untitled – Hydraulix 6
Geezer – Buff & Shine – Smitten
Geezer – You’ve Just Fucked Up – Smitten
Ice Pack – Ha-Ha – Cluster
McAffer/Wightman – Nice Tits, Luverly Arse – Raw 007
Trash Compactor – Put The Ham In – No Entry
McAffer/Wightman – The Turnip That Loved Me – Raw 007
Geezer – Shut Up – Smitten
Andreas Krämer & Thomas Poradl – Lecker Mädche – Construct Rhythm
Guy Geezer McAffer – Process Yellow – Minimum Maximum
Max Graham – Shoreline – Hope
S.O.L.I.S. – Dolphins – Alien
Photon Project – The Inside – Black Hole

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