Rygar (2002)

A loose sequel to Gayclub, Rygar shows how the tribal influence had been affecting me from 2000 to 2002. And from this mix, anyone in the NYC scene could tell I was shopping at Eightball every week!

In 2002, I wrote:

“this is a bit of a new style for me. hanging out in those new york clubs during off weekends has had its influence.”

recorded at tetanus studios, 05.16.02 – brooklyn

Daniel Mode – Muzik Pressure – You
P.I.M.P. – The Light (DJ Vibe rmx) – Future Groove
U.D.G. – Give Me Fierce (Pro Tek rmx) – Garbage
Darker Departures – Juice Drums – Low Pressings
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby (Chus & Ceballos Iberican rmx) – Hooj Choons
Kobbe – Shaka – Lunchbox
Mo Shic & Zidan – 2Loose La’Track (rmx) – Plastica
Ice Cream Social – Woven Air (Deep Drum mix) – Pitch Black
Illusion – Put The Needle – Intensiv
Shared Works Part 1 – Corujo & Sandoval – Kabarett
Gordon Edge – One Trial – Edge
Dino Lenny – I Feel Stereo (DJ Dan rmx) – Yoshitoshi
TUGG – Slippery Fish (Organic mix) – Fuego
Enamor – I Believe – Episode

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