Only Deep (2003)

Note – Due to SoundCloud being assholes I will need to reupload this mix without it starting cold with the Schmoov track. Check back for updates. (May 2012)

I will say that this is probably the finest collection of tracks I’ve ever found. It’s the mix that once literally brought me to tears.

In 2003, I wrote:

“whenever i set up to record a house mix, there are inevitably a few records that must get left out, mostly because they are too deep, time doesn’t permit and don’t fit with the rest of the mix. here are those neglected babies, crying out for empathy. this is not peaktime music! one wednesday night i turned down the lights in the studio almost to the point where it was pitch black in the room, turned up the system real loud, and absolutely got lost in it. in today’s depressed music industry, the beautiful and intelligent tracks get left out, replaced by candy coated bullshit. the artists represented here have obviously recorded these soulful gems for the love. they were released between 2002 and 2003, largely under the radar.”

Recorded live at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn 06.04.2003

Schmoov! – Playground – DIY
Vincenzo – The Charmer – Dessous
Osunlade – Beloved – Soul Jazz
Cpen – Follow The Shine Pt. 1 – Aesoteric
Patrick Richard – Runnin – Route 33
Rebuild – Late Night Cycling (Gerd rmx) – Duplex
Sweet Abraham – Couldn’t Catch You When I Fell – Diaspora
Rasoul feat. Star Stern – Reality Remix – Soulfood
Dylan Drazen – What Will She Do (unreleased)
Elesse – Liberian Girl – BlackJack
Mike & Steven Sugar – Flight@Night – Milk&Sugar
Dalminjo – Cruz Persille – Deeplay
Westpark Unit feat. Victor Davies – Fade Away – Draft

7 thoughts on “Only Deep (2003)

  1. I’ve recorded this in one tape to listen in my car (No cd player on that days). I think that probably this is the mix most played in my car during the last ten years. Epic

  2. Dylan, i friend of mine gave me a recording of this set many years ago on cd and said I had to listen to thiis!!
    I recently found the unmarked disc in one of my boxes in storage, but couldn’t remember the name of the dj……fast forward 5 days, and last night in bed I suddenly remembered, “Dylan Drazen”!!!!!
    This mix and the tracks on here are sublime, still fresh to my ears, and as you say, recorded for the love by the artists.
    Wish I’d known you back in 2000, I would have had you come to South Africa to play in my club.
    Thanks for keeping it real, and also doing such a great job archiving these mixes.

  3. Never got a chance to say thank you. Your mixes and talking to you and your sister through email saved my life. Gracious.

  4. This mix kept me company for years through the bad and good times, listening to it again brings back so many nostalgic memories! Thank You

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