Good Morning! (2006)

In 2006, I wrote:

“bob barker on vicodin says this smooth groove’s gonna hit the roof of your mouth like tasteeĀ® whipped cream cheese. well alright.
intro and outro vocals by miss shady tuna freddy turner.”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 08.2006

The Blacklight Society – Shake It Baby – Glideslope
The Blacklight Society – The Ryte Syze – Glideslope
Cosmic Belt – Do It – Glideslope
Stereo Mutants – Street Party – Clubstar
Liquid People – See The Stars – Cyphon
Cue Kids – Havesomeadis – Peng
Mountain People – Mountain 001
Joey Negro – Make A Move On Me (Spen & The Muthafunkaz Remix) – Data
DJ Fudge – Call Me – Tejal
The Fatback Band feat. Bah Samba – Spanish Hustle
Bah Samba feat. The Fatback Band – Let The Drums Speak
Soul Creation And The Masters – Time Warp Revisited – Deepa Grooves
Deep Solution – Made For You – Mettle Music
Harley And Muscle feat. Gerideau – Deeper Love – PCT
Goodlife – I Love You – Belle Epoque
Office Gossip – Street Talk – Winding Road
Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets – Hed Kandi
Late Night Alumni – I Knew You When (Chuck Love Mix) – Quiet City
Ilya – Bliss (Max Sedgley Remix) – Virgin
Machomovers – Something About The Music – Sonntag
DJinxx – Soul Savana – Not Bio

One thought on “Good Morning! (2006)

  1. Still chasing down some ideas/avenues for someone (ok me) to, at least, try and ‘mix’ having never done anything remotely like this before. Hailing from the other side of, cough, four decades plus, no need to snigger there! Been through the ‘after party’ from ‘Prog rock’, real Punk, Ska, Soul and Northern Soul to Indie, the four corners and more of music and beyond. Still in love with everything but have that moment, you know what I mean, when a stunning ‘House’ mix, vocal, classic, deep, really don’t care, it’s the beat that moves the feet. Thank you DD. Back to ‘groovin’ around the house with the lady who can, I/we thank yo.

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