Foundation (2008)

This mix belongs with Over & Out as an interesting turning point in my taste as a DJ. I wasn’t only interested in super hard techno or soulful deep house. I was finally starting to cross over into more accessible styles. But the two mixes hold personal meaning too, as they helped one of my best friends through a difficult period in his life.

In 2008, I wrote:

“originally recorded for the funk-u show on broadcast on august 28, 2008. this is an extention of over & out, but heads into more serious territory later on. you could say this is my take on this whole minimal craze. while i don’t see myself playing entire minimal sets, i do see myself working its sound into a broader set. foundation finishes up with a minimix of the best work from mike dehnert, probably the most important new techno artist of the year.”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 08.2008

Deepchord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Excursion) – Echospace
Riley Reinhold – Lights In My Eyes – My Best Friend
After Tea – Okeechobee – Hotfingers
Latitude – Confident (Matteo Matteini & Sara Galli Mix) – Hotfingers
Kasey Taylor – Trapped (Dousk Remix) – Igoba
Deadmau5 – Duo Cad Sordid – Promo
Daniel Frontado – Hostel (Techno Mix) – LATINtronix
Adam Freemer – Underground, Baby! (Tekno Prizoners Mix) – Twisted
Boris Rush – Miami Push – X-List
Mike Dehnert – Laufzeit – Fachwerk
Museum – Give These People Air – Numb
Museum – Cutting Fingers – Numb
Dietrich Schoenemann – 19 Bullets – Tension
Dylan Drazen & Leon Koronis – The Bad Guy (Tony’s Beats) – Lost In House
Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. – Timbuktu (Nagano Kitchen Dark Rob) – Apotek
Metalogic – Boxed And Warped – Hidden Agenda
Dylan Drazen & Leon Koronis – Techno Circus (Dum Dum Mix) – Lost In House
Jose Mixer – Chakram
Jose Mixer – Destroyed Brains
Carl Falk – Sticky Fingers – Adult
Darkrow – Solid State (Umberto Carmignana Remix) – Standbite
DJ Kodex – Until 8 – Distract
Mike Dehnert – Cab (Remix) – Fachwerk
Mike Dehnert – A4 – Fachwerk
Mike Dehnert – A6 – Fachwerk
Mike Dehnert – Portal – Fachwerk
Mike Dehnert – B1 (Remix) – Fachwerk

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