El Jardin (2003)

In 2003, I wrote:

“easily the biggest gig of the summer, el jardín is one of spain’s most infamous clubs on its northern coast. the atmosphere is known to be aggressive, filled with kids who want nothing more than hard as hell beats. walking into that place at four in the morning was like entering a gaggle of a couple thousand hungry lions, ready to shred you apart the moment you made one false move.”

I got some angry emails after that one.

Recorded live at El Jardín – Gijón, Spain 07.26.2003

Ben Sims & Vincent Davis – Freaks – Ingoma
Gaetano Parisio – Conform 20
Patrik Skoog – Decay Session A1 – Native Diffusion
Patrik DSP – Sludge 73 – Maximum Minimum
Dave The Drummer + Chris Liberator – B – Hydraulix 18
Patrik Skoog – Decay Session A2 – Native Diffusion
Chicago Loop II – You Don’t Stop – Cluster
Dave The Drummer + Chris Liberator – A – Hydraulix 18
Cyborg X – Voodoo Unit – Cluster
H&R feat. Paul Mac – Landscape Remake – Cetron
Glenn Wilson & D. Rodell – Sub Tempo – Drumworks
Patrik Skoog vs The Anxious – Vermin – Blackout Audio
Steve Rachmad – CLR 10
Patrik Skoog vs The Anxious – Industria – Blackout Audio
Some White Label Gun Jack Gave Me – DMO 03
Glenn Wilson – Blueprints (Chris McCormack rmx) – Heroes
Electric Envoy – Blizzard – Ascend
DJ Lenk – 142 LTD (Joel Mull rmx) – Drumcode
Joel Mull – Sthlm Mainstation – Spirit Fuel
Rumenige feat. Loktibrada – Der Die Das (Olga + Josef rmx) – Tresor

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