Dial T For Techno (2004)

Recorded live at Dial T For Techno – Leiden, Holland 01.30.04

In 2004, I wrote:

“this is a live recording of my full 2+ hour set set at a party called dial t for techno in leiden, holland in january 04. there was a mic set up by the bar to get the full ambience of the party. sometimes you can hear people screaming, other times you hear glass clanking in the trash. part 1 consists of records that i had been touring with for months and months, my bread and butter techno since the summer of 03. part 2 could well be called 20 minutes of hell part 2. i got this crazy package from germany’s andreas kremer one day and it was full of some of the hardest shit i’d heard in years.”

Al Ferox – Daddy Is…On The Way Home – Bloc
The Last Days of Planet Disco – Do It Again! – Basic Beach
Andreas Kremer – Discoregler – Basic Beach
Player Fifteen
Percy X vs Mark Broom – Indian File – Soma
Paco Osuna – Atope (Markantonio rmx) – Analytic Trail
Pedro Delgardo – La Fwent (Ade Fenton rmx) – Yin Yang
Patrik DSP – Sludge 73 – Maximum Minimum
Dave The Drummer + Chris Liberator – Hydraulix 18
Dave The Drummer – Bathroom Jizz Manouvre – Yolk
Hyperloop – Kickback – Tekktonn
Preach – Scared Witness – Pacific Technics
Gecko – We Are In Tomorrow Now – Federation of Drums
H&R feat. Paul Mac – Landscape Remake – Cetron
Patrik Skoog – Decay Session – Native Diffusion
Some White Label Gun Jack Gave Me – DMO 03
Jan Liefhebber – Search and Destroy (Lars Klein rmx) – Highland Beats
Alex K Katz – Fixed Star – Planet Rhythm
Glenn Wilson & Dean Rodell – Sub Tempo – Drumworks
Glenn Wilson – Here Boy – Punish
Glenn Wilson – Re-Fresh – Fresh Grind
Invexis – Kalibreur – Salpeter

Alex K Katz – Give Fire – Planet Rhythm
Invexis – Kalibreur (Soft) – Salpeter
Lars Klein – Dark Star – Planet Rhythm
Invexis – Loop Forever – Salpeter
Andreas Kremer – Dreckig & Gemein – Working Vinyl
Dylan Drazen – Baba – Remains
Simon Krach – Current Value – Null
Andreas Kremer – Working Vinyl 08
Andreas Kremer – Gewitternacht – Working Vinyl
Andreas Kremer – Working Vinyl 10
Andreas Kremer – Lifeform 09
Andreas Kremer vs A. Crash – Den Letzten Fressen Die Hunde (Sven Wittekind rmx) – Working Vinyl
Dylan Drazen/M. Göttling/S. Oliver РDoch РInternal Error
Dylan Drazen – Horse Stirs – T√łnewrecker

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