dd24: Carry On (2002)

Just like dd21 and dd23 are in a tie for my favorite techno mixes, dd24 is in a dead heat with dd22 for my favorite house mixes. The early 2000s were an equally special time for hard techno and deep house, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.

“And every sista in here has tried that shit at least one time, baby!”

Performed January 2002 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

The Kick Inside – Lush Life – Brique Rouge
Pound Boys – T’s Theme – Bumpin’ City
Brett Johnson/Demarkus Lewis – The Snooze Button – Roam
Fusion Groove Orchestra + Simon Green – The Dream – Curious
St. Germain – Sure Thing (Todd Edwards rmx) – Blue Note
Paul Jays – Lava Love – Kaos
DJ Spinna – Groove – Sole
Tiefschwarz – Schwanitz – Classic
Modjo – What I Mean (Mood II Swing rmx) – Modjo
Louis Benedetti – Doin’ Da Boogie – ProgCity
Stacy Kidd – Love & Tenderness – Riviera
Nova Fronteira – Calma – Z Records
Sunaga t Experience – Chitose Airport (Swag rmx) – Flower
Hanna – The Rose – Lumi
Ronin – Jazz Dirt – Primary
Playin’ 4 The City feat. Janice Leca – Show Me Love – Straight Up
Shunt Limit – In My Life – WideLeft
Kick Squad – Walk South Central – PĂȘng
Next Evidence – Interlude – Basic

3 thoughts on “dd24: Carry On (2002)

  1. I get this double CD promo in 2002, that mix is awesome and one of the best i’ve hear in many time. When i play it always get me back in the gold days of house music. Thanks for share!

  2. I have been many places and done many things around many people… traveled the industry development in many ways and had parties with 3k-5k people each week where I even had 3 or 4 djs to ensure the music was proper and the sets transitioned properly to the next movement for the night and for what I knew I was doing to and for people … I say all of this to say that this guy here, Dylan, is a better dj by farrrrrr than most legendary house djs and house music producers… he is where DJ Biz Markie (R.I.P.) had gone and stayed when it comes to true sets of music that take people on a journey. DYLAN was gifted music from the greatest life energy known to mankind… Dylan might have a sense of self where he can transfer this gift to any medium which is why he might have moved on… this and many other avenues are still wide open for him.

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