dd21: High Heel Techno (2001)

This mix is in a tie with “No Carrier” for my favorite techno mixes. I believe 2001 was the renaissance period for European hard techno. From the original description:

“With clubbier styled sounds fused together with the harder elements lately, the title “high heel techno” seemed apt, as my techno roots are firmly planted from watching the drag-queens do their thing on the Limelight club’s dance floor in NYC. Back and forth, these thin, muscle-bound monsters would show each other who could strut their shit the best in 1992.”

Performed January 2001 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

Trace Element – Falling Logs – Elestik
Frankie Vega – The End, a Means and False Imspirations – Remains
Paul Nazca & Ultracolor – Loom – Scandium
The Reaver – Potion No.6 – Glyph
Do you like the way you feel when you shake? – A Squared
Rino Cerrone – Optical Way – Relentless
Signal Electrique & Noise Builder – A2 – OG
Genie – Night Walker – Convolute
DJ Ze Mig-L – Happy Tribe – Djax
Dylan Drazen – Beacon – Remains
Elastik Trikery – Beatbox – Insert
Basic Implant – Brain Circle – Søk
G-Man – 70-4 – Fieber
Métier – Body Electric (James Ruskin mix) – Coda
Gecko – Flugmaschiene – Delirium Red
Rob Stow – Curve Pusher – Hydraulix
Tuttle – EG Decay – Anlx
Tekno Résistants – Cataclysme – Resistance3
Michael Forshaw – Nerve Hammer – Red Seal
Alex K. Katz – Seek + Destroy – Jerk
G. McAffer & D. Preece – RAW 004
Ural 13 Diktators – Chernobyl Reaction – Lazer Attack

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