dd18: Everything Is Fine..Sunshine (1999)

The idealist in me brought out some great mixes. From the original description:

“You know when you’re on the beach, layin’ under the sungods with your walkman on.. your eyes closed but all you see is brightness. The sounds in the background are happy, filled with hope. The kids are runnin’ around, yellin’ and hollerin’. The crashing shore, the tight bodies surfin’ only a few feet away. And all of a sudden the most beautiful, rich, phattest jam comes into your conscience. And for that one moment in your life, everything is washed away on that not-too-distant shore. Everything feels good. Under that sun. And you want it to last forever and ever.. I remember once having this experience. I was a teenager, and I felt like a kid. I remembered this moment and I never let it go. I still remember the mix I was listening to. It reminds me of the utter joy I felt within myself that day. It is my dream to provide the sounds that deliver an experience like that.”

Performed April 1999 in The Love Zone, Brooklyn

side a

Erasure – Stay With Me (NY Mix) – Slip ‘N’ Slide
Dylan Drazen – Jimmy Despu├ęs – G-Force
Laura Alford – Hold On – West Side
LoSoul – Brother In Love – Playhouse
Ronin – Lights Out – PTSounds
The Persuader – Centralbron – Svek
MSD – Love Line – Wave
New Phunk Theory – Slope Two – Forensic
MSD – Satisfy – Wave
Dan Bell – The Wild Life – Elevate

side b

Dee Dee Brave – Mookies Bio – 11:07
Johnny Fiasco – Fluid – Distant
Sparkling Experiences – Hardswing Vision – bno
Sasse – The Better Weekend – i220
Atjazz – Wind & Sea – Diversions
New Phunk Theory – Mutha Phuka – Forensic
Dan Bell – Subterranean – Elevate
Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin – Mad House
Ian Pooley – Lite Juice – Strive
Joe Claussell – Heaven – Ibidan
Sade – Removable Tatoo – HOA

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