dd16: Undercover The Third (1998)

I was so in love with this style of house music. Techno might have been my career, but this music was really moving me. Remastered in 2010.

Performed September 1998 in The Cervix, Brooklyn

side a

[van johnson intro]
Euphonic – Getting Away From It All – i!
Rick Wade – Deep -N- Dirty – Harmonie Park
Sasse – Jersey – Mood Music
Lazy Bones – Daphase – St. Médard
Weekender – Sunday Session – Toko
Soul Creation – Dreams – Distant
Julius Papp & Dave Warrin – Daylight – Large
Terra Dëva – Inside – OM
Tommi – That’s What It Is! – Icon
Notts. Landing – We’ve Heard It All – Bright Lights
A Maze Of Bass – Headlights – Bright Lights
Sunshine Funk – Old School Romance – Sunshine Groove
Masters At Work – Odyssey – MAW
Solaris Heights – Solarism – Paper
Sixteen Souls – Strange Girl – Alola

side b

Playin’4 The City – My City Life – Straight Up
Rick Wade – Forgotten Track – Harmonie Park
Mr. YT – Parfum – Global Cute
Music From The Trees – Summer In The City – Nou Lion
Kalk – Let’s Take A Break – Brif
Playin’4 The City – More Than Ever – Straight Up
Wayne Gardiner – Funky – i!
Next Evidence – Endlessly – Straight Up
Next Evidence – My Secrets – Basic
Herbert and Dani Siciliano – Going Round – Phonography
Playin’4 The City – SH Blues – Straight Up
MAW feat. Louis Salianas – Pienso En Ti – MAW
[homeless guy on the B train going over manhattan bridge on a monday morning outro]

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