Citadela (2003)

One of the largest crowds I had played for to date.
Recorded live at Citadela – Brno, Czech Republic 02.15.03

Puntes Y Tacones – Ultimo Suegno- RPO Traxx
Jay Denham – Black Nites – Equator
Colt Systems – Blunt Connection – Frequent
DJ Preach – Phonec – Edit
Gaetano Parisio – Norman Expression – Design
Christian Wünch – Master Avalanche B – Integrale Muzique
Andy Düx – We Have To See (Paradise, Paradise) – Overdrive
Mescalinum United – We have Arrived 2002 (Advent rmx) – Acardipane
The Anxious – Dominant Theory – Compound
Dawn Patrol – Two Lerchers And A Chrome – Cluster
Cyborg X – Voodoo Unit – Cluster
Lars Klein – Resist or Serve – Compound
Henrik B – Seven A – Illgo Rhythm
Lawrie Immerson vs Buster Hymen And The Penetrator – Tough – Routemaster
Chris Liebing – Next Try (Ian J. Richardson rmx) – CLRetry
D.A.V.E. The Drummer + Pattrix – Hydraulix 15
Shredder III – Human Rights – Cluster
Rozzer’s Dog – Serious Mind Fuck (Geezer rmx) – Stay Up Forever
Dylan Drazen – Horse Stirs – Tønewrecker
Mauro Picotto – We’re Back – Sacrifice
Fabio MC – Tortured- BXR
Christian Wünch – Master Avalanche A – Integrale Muzique
Boss – Jahoda – PCV

One thought on “Citadela (2003)

  1. Dear Dylan,
    just listening your amazing set from Citadela again, what amazing memories! I love the selection of the tracks and your mixing is just great! I was there in person, one of the best parties I have ever been to! I hope you are still playing!
    Best regards

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