Beach Party (2004)

The mix that started it all. It reminds me of the short period of time I lived in Manhattan, a short lived love affair, and my affinity for cheesed out muppet house.

In 2004, I wrote:

“this summer brought me lots of uplifting and energetic house music. i wish when i close my eyes on my travels to tropical places that i could return to the fiesta on the beach with my muppet friends of yesterday.”

recorded live at midtown studio, new york 08.13.2004

Only Freak – Tiny Forces – Freerange
Benz & MD – Snowblind (Spincycle rmx) – Dorigen
Johnny Fiasco – Headstrong Grooves – Feelling
Phaze & Soul – Only Girl – White
Sometimes Interplanetary – Oops A Daisy – White
Love 80s – One Night – Love 80s
JCA feat. Dannii Minogue – Come And Get It – Wea
Mauve – Round And Round – Mauve Traxx
Sound Doc – Holding On – Audio Friction
Jim Porto – Voce è Demais (Nick Sushi dub) – 1st Groove
The Table Dancers – The Real Thing – The Ibiza Collection
Junior Jack – Stupidisco (Hot 22 rmx) – Defected
Saucy – Saucy’s Hyperdisko (Georgio Schultz rmx) – Robots
Kaleidoscopio – Você Me Apareceu – Irma

Equator 2 (2003)

It’s strange that I never made a third Equator mix, since the two of these were pretty popular. I was just coming down from the tribal bug that bit me pretty hard in 2001, and these mixes were basically my personal answer to where I thought it should go.

In 2003, I wrote:

“equator 2 was recorded on a friday night after eating some bad food. my stomach in knots, i made it a mission to do something constructive with the evening as it was cut short by a rare burger in 90 degree weather. it’s best to mix when i don’t know where my head is at, and here you have it. one part cunty beats, one part trippy minimal strangeness.”

Recorded live at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn 06.28.2003

Serious Intention – You Don’t Know (Joeski Dub) – Maya
Tribalation – Do It To The Music – Big Chief
Dub Monsters – Timewarp – Poodle
Kevin Freeman – Musicinmylife – Low Pressings
Logic Box – Home Car – Visitor
Freaks – I’m An Angry Instrument – Wash House
LawnChair Generals – One Thing – Westbound
J&S Productions – The Lift Part 1 (Lance Desardi rmx) – Court Square
Outta Limits – Mission Control (Montanari & Ruberto rmx) – Azuli
Dr. Pompeii – Wish – 4th Floor
Echomen – Thru 2 You (Nova Scotia rmx) – Hooj
Loudeast – Sonido Profundo (gpal sweet amx rmx) – Shinichi
Loudeast – Sonido Profundo (gpal etheral rmx) – Shinichi
Loudeast – Sonido Profundo (loudeast rmx) – Shinichi

Only Deep (2003)


Note – Due to SoundCloud being assholes I will need to reupload this mix without it starting cold with the Schmoov track. Check back for updates. (May 2012)

I will say that this is probably the finest collection of tracks I’ve ever found. It’s the mix that once literally brought me to tears.

In 2003, I wrote:

“whenever i set up to record a house mix, there are inevitably a few records that must get left out, mostly because they are too deep, time doesn’t permit and don’t fit with the rest of the mix. here are those neglected babies, crying out for empathy. this is not peaktime music! one wednesday night i turned down the lights in the studio almost to the point where it was pitch black in the room, turned up the system real loud, and absolutely got lost in it. in today’s depressed music industry, the beautiful and intelligent tracks get left out, replaced by candy coated bullshit. the artists represented here have obviously recorded these soulful gems for the love. they were released between 2002 and 2003, largely under the radar.”

Recorded live at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn 06.04.2003

Schmoov! – Playground – DIY
Vincenzo – The Charmer – Dessous
Osunlade – Beloved – Soul Jazz
Cpen – Follow The Shine Pt. 1 – Aesoteric
Patrick Richard – Runnin – Route 33
Rebuild – Late Night Cycling (Gerd rmx) – Duplex
Sweet Abraham – Couldn’t Catch You When I Fell – Diaspora
Rasoul feat. Star Stern – Reality Remix – Soulfood
Dylan Drazen – What Will She Do (unreleased)
Elesse – Liberian Girl – BlackJack
Mike & Steven Sugar – Flight@Night – Milk&Sugar
Dalminjo – Cruz Persille – Deeplay
Westpark Unit feat. Victor Davies – Fade Away – Draft

Deep Outage (2003)

my first internet broadcast live from the studio, this deep house set was originally planned for for august 2003, but seconds before the “broadcast” button was pushed, the blackout of 2003 began. here’s the rescheduled broadcast which took place on september 25, 2003.

Broadcast live from Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn 09.25.2003

Part 1

Glenn Underground – Black Action – Shelter
François K feat. Barbara Mendes – Awakening (Needs rmx) – Wave
Diva 1 – White
Andre’s Record Shack – Still Got It – White
Blagger’s World – #1 (Ian Pooley rmx) – Polo
Banda Black Rio – Magia Do Prazer (Faze Action rmx) – Mr Bongo
Kemit Sources – Bor Dlan (I:Cube rmx) – Versatile
Su-Paka-Pooh – Theme De Yo-Yo (Restless Soul rmx) – Disorient
Jill Scott – The Interlude (Bush rmx) – White
Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Memories – Clean Cut
Jordan Fields – Music In My Soul – Aroma

Part 2

Zoom – Safety Pin – Senator
Next Evidence – Morning Breeze – Capitol
Candy Dulpher – What’s In Your Head – Absolutely
Gene Farris feat. Lady Sarah – Black Satin (Miguel Mix rmx) – Soma Dubs
Indiana Jones – No Sleep – White
Sabrynaah Pope – Someone For You – Kif
Brand New Heavies – Do Right – White
Brandy – What About Us (E-Smoove rmx) – Atlantic
Whiplash & Turner – Don’t Go Lose Your Pride – Purple
Q-Burns Abstract Message – Innocent (Joey Negro rmx) – NRK
Dubtribe Sound System – Autosoul (Rasmus Faber rmx) – Defected
Double Dee – Shining – Airplane!
David Penn feat. Sheylah Cuffy – Scream 4 Love (The Thief rmx) – Urbana

dd25: Tagged (2003)

I truly felt bit by the tribal bug in 2003, and had to give a little bit of that here. I tried to include all the genres I like to play in one mix and found it so complete, I decided to stop the “dd” numbering system, since I wasn’t making actual mixtapes anymore either. This was also the final CD I mass produced, as the Internet started to become the main way everyone shared mixes.

Performed May 2003 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

Part 1

Fiendish House I – Mean Love – RPO
Coloursound – Small Phatt One – Vapour Limited
UDG – Workshop of Devil – Garbage
Babilonia – Impress Me – Stop & Go
Unplugged – Future of Sound – Plastica Red
Eddy Airbow – Tribal Contact – Traveller
Mr. Free – Energy – BeatFreak
Undisputed Truth vs Rebel Funk – Begin – Creative
Electric Tease vs Mosquito – Sensation – Distraekt
Nightdrums – Voodoo Element – Gentrax
Mr. Free – Architedhosue – BeatFreak
Marcelo Castelli – Southamerica – Musiq
Bass & Penn – Communicate – Urbana
Dr. Kucho – Shadow Troopers – Disc Doctor
Dr. Kucho – It Must Be Love – Bonus Tracks

Part 2

Dr. Kucho – It Must Be Love – Bonus Tracks (cuntinued)
Dr. Kucho – Belmondo Rulez 2.0 – Disc Doctor
Kay Maan – Got To – Boo
Magik Johnson – Los Halinos – Blaktrax
Richard Earnshaw – Joyride – Soulfuric Deep
Kemit Sources – Bor Dlan (I:Cube rmx) – Versatile
Triesté – Too High In The Sky (John Ciafone dub) – Junior
D’Wachman & HD Substance – Jump (Mateo Murphy rmx) – Atlas
Pulse – Cariño 2002 (Pascal F.E.O.S. rmx) – Frisbee
Hertz & Hardcell – Electrons – Sway
Submode vs Basoon – Aibo – Delirium Red
65d Mavericks – Abstractions – Matrix
Gaetano Parisio – Norman Expression – Design
Patrik Skoog – B1 – Mankind 16
Henry Cullen – Grilled Chicken – :body:art:form:
Praxis – Roy Rogers – Omniscient
Dylan Drazen vs Tim Xavier – The Benz – Blueline
Archae and Grovskopa – Ex – Maracas

20 Minutes of Hell (2002)

What was originally created as a promotional requirement for a small gig in Budapest became one of my more talked about mixes during the hard techno years. I don’t play like this anymore, but I can still appreciate the insanity.

In 2002, I wrote:
“this little promotional mini mix CD was given to the first 100 entrants into the coldwar party in budapest, hungary on december 14, 2002. it’s unsettlingly hard.”

recorded at tetanus studio, december 2002 – brooklyn

AeoX – Nuclear Winter – Null
Boss – Jahoda – Palica Vonzvreca
Andreas Kremer – Rock Them (DJ Boss rmx) – Lifeform
Dylan Drazen – Baba – Remains
Simon Krach – Current Value – Null
Polytechnique – Free Mind – Salpeter
Next Level feat. Dylan Drazen – Doch – Unreleased
Henrik B – Seven A – Illgo Rhythm

Blazin (2002)

In 2002, I wrote:

“67 minute techno mix originally recorded for dj dionysos’s show on uk based pirate radio, broadcasted on 08.22.02. this is a spontaneous mix patched through the effects returns of my studio’s mixing console, which gave the signal a strange compressed feeling.”

recorded at tetanus studio, 08.07.2002 – brooklyn

Rob Acid – Mars – Shot Tools
Mr. G – Mine U Bassbins – Duty Free
Soultek – Chapter One – Kompute
Smooky – Super Ugly – Electronik Weed Crew
Mateo Murphy – Love Express (Umek rmx) – Turbo
Hertz & Johan Bacto – Hektadrone – Zync Grooves
Stanny Franssen – Object/Scene – Genetic
Pounding Grooves – 26A – Pounding Grooves
DJ Misjah – B2 – Mankind 15
Invexis – Chrysanthemum – Kazumi
Fabio MC – Prisma – BXR
Mauro Picotto – We’re Back – Sacrifice
Fabio MC – Tortured – BXR
Mario Piu’ – Sensation – BXR
Axel Martsch & Asem Shama – Drumfiles 2.0 – Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten
Component – Memory Loss – Konsequent
DJ Bold – Rooftop Views – Symbolism
Component – Losing It – Konsequent
Peter Dundov – Feelings – Musicman
Component – Who Cares? – Konsequent
Echomen – Truth (Weekend World rmx) – Hooj Choons

Equator (2002)

Came home one night drunk and totally inspired. The result is a 75 minute sinister jog into a cloudy sunrise.

Recorded 5am at Tetanus Studio, 10.19.2002 – Brooklyn

Steve O’Sullivan – Breezer Dub – Mosaic
Jay Tripwire – Bobba This – Northern Lights
Chris Lum – You’re Mine – Hooj Choons
Osmosis – Feeling Me – Visitor
Blakhook Project – Tropical Feedback – Big Chief
Lilac Road Productions – Safety Inagenda – Visitor
Black Light – Kato Kallesa – Intrinsic Design
Plug – Indian Summer (ATT rmx) – Plug
Black Light – Ano Kallesa – Intrinsic Design
Universal Agents – Solomonic Agents – Worship
Dylan Drazen – Don’t Tell Me – Clicktracks
Poet Name Life – Contemplation (King Britt rmx) – Electromatrix
The Parallax Corporation – Anti Social Tendencies – Viewlexx
Robot Love – White
Playgroup – Number One – Nuphonic

Rygar (2002)

A loose sequel to Gayclub, Rygar shows how the tribal influence had been affecting me from 2000 to 2002. And from this mix, anyone in the NYC scene could tell I was shopping at Eightball every week!

In 2002, I wrote:

“this is a bit of a new style for me. hanging out in those new york clubs during off weekends has had its influence.”

recorded at tetanus studios, 05.16.02 – brooklyn

Daniel Mode – Muzik Pressure – You
P.I.M.P. – The Light (DJ Vibe rmx) – Future Groove
U.D.G. – Give Me Fierce (Pro Tek rmx) – Garbage
Darker Departures – Juice Drums – Low Pressings
DJ Rasoul – Oh Baby (Chus & Ceballos Iberican rmx) – Hooj Choons
Kobbe – Shaka – Lunchbox
Mo Shic & Zidan – 2Loose La’Track (rmx) – Plastica
Ice Cream Social – Woven Air (Deep Drum mix) – Pitch Black
Illusion – Put The Needle – Intensiv
Shared Works Part 1 – Corujo & Sandoval – Kabarett
Gordon Edge – One Trial – Edge
Dino Lenny – I Feel Stereo (DJ Dan rmx) – Yoshitoshi
TUGG – Slippery Fish (Organic mix) – Fuego
Enamor – I Believe – Episode

Double Miles (2002)


Another terribly important mix to me, this comes second only to Only Deep. It’s yet another demonstration of how special the late 90s and early 2000s were for house.

In 2002 I wrote:

“80 minute deep house mix originally recorded for lars behrenroth’s deeper shades of house radio show, broadcasted on germany’s JAM FM 07.20.02. a bit of post-production fun found its way into this mix. what originally started out as quite well rounded, the mood took hold and i realized how many smooth jams needed to be immortalized. hence this is probably one of the deepest mixes up on the site to date.”

recorded at tetanus studio, 06.25.2002 – brooklyn

Ciudad Feliz – Airport – Silver Network
Tiefschwarz – You (Dub) – Classic
Word Of Mouth – Reach Out – Quiet Riot
Shukie feat. Olalekan Babalola – Apna Musaik (Modaji rmx) – Rekawa Sound
Martin Solveig – Someday (Spen & Karizma rmx) – Mixture
Ken Norris & Demon Ritchie – Love Makes You Right – Gatitude
Soul Central – Song For Sharma – Clean Cut
DJ Fudge – Tafina – KIF
Monsieur Charles – Light Of The Sun – Electronic Jazz
Marschmellows – Flash Fried (Needs rmx) – Audiopharm
[Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike]
Mazi feat. Colette – Do You Want Me? (Freestyle Man rmx) – Brique Rouge
P. Lauer – Handcuffs – Séparé
BRS – Treat Me So Bad (JT Donaldson rmx) – Cyclo
[Donald Fagen – I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)]
DJ Rasoul – Quiet Storm – Large
Kim English – Been So Long (Wamdue rmx) – Hysteria
DJ Rasoul – Quiet Storm – Large
[Anita Baker – Been So Long]