Best of Below

I know it has been forever since I’ve updated the site or created any new music (or did any gigs!). I’ve appreciated all the well wishes and hate to leave everyone hanging.

It’s true, I’ve largely become retired from the music world. But I will always keep this site up as it’s a true time capsule of so many great moments from my life–and yours.

The private feedback I’ve gotten from people telling me how this set or that served as the emotional backdrop from a certain period in their lives, has warmed my heart.

Sharing music with the world has been one of life’s great pleasures for me. And when I can I will post up a blog detailing what I’ve been up to over the past handful of years and why I decided to duck out of the scene for now.

Included below is a best of list of my favorite sets, in reverse chronological order. On the right you’ll find the archive of all the others.

Of all the iterations one goes through in their DJ career – producing, gigs, and recorded sets, it’s the SETS that have defined who I am as a DJ. As such, no matter what happens, this site will stay up forever!

Much love to all those who have followed me throughout the past 20 years.


One thought on “Best of Below

  1. The best times of my Deep House love are all encapsulated in your deep house sets. Timeless, Thank you for the memories. The DD series anytime any day. Hopefully nostalgia will bring you back again, soon. Thank you for keeping the site up, forever

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