Barbecue 6 (2006)

I couldn’t believe five whole years passed since I did the original Barbecue, but I was honestly having trouble finding tracks in that genre that matched the quality of the original. But there was still some excellent tracks coming out here and there, so I decided to showcase them before it got too late. Rereading my description from back then makes me laugh. I really am insane.

“hey girl! it sure has been a long time! you look good, girl. work them pumps! and your family looks good too, but yo sista looks like she put on a few! anyway grrl, put the kids on the swingset, cuz we have some shit to take care of, yes we do! oh and it looks like you’ve lost some weight too, but screw all that healthy stuff, cuz tonight imma fill yo ass with sweet potato pie, ribs, fried chicken, collard greens and save some room for my sweet lemon meringue pie. maya angelou would be proud, girl, she really would. oh, you wanted to know about these beats? well girl, let me tell you, these tracks are two and a half hours of some of the nastiest vocal jams to hit the streets from three years ago to three weeks ago. we just pick right up where we left off back in 01. now I know it’s hot as hell up in here but that don’t make no kinda difference. get yo ass out there on the patio and shake ya rump!”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 03.2006

DB Boulevard – Point Of View (Stringapella) – Airplane
Gwen Stefani – Holla Back Girl (Dom’s Rmx) – White
Shawn Christopher – You Can Make It – Soulfuric
Mark Grant feat. Russoul – Girl With U – Blackstone
Melba Moore – My Heart Belongs To You – Soulfuric
Terri Walker – Whoopsie Daisy (Beginerz Rmx) – Mercury
Kloud 9 – So Many Reasons (Reel People Rmx) Copyright
Eddy Meets Yannah – Reach The Sky (Reel People Mix) – Compost
Jon Cutler feat. Pete Simpson – Runnin’ – MN2S
Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Faith – Clean Cut
Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Memories – Clean Cut
Usher – Caught Up (Kings Of Soul Mix) – White
Dom & Alex feat. Lelani – (You Are) Head Candy – Deft
Cue Kids feat. Paula Bernadel – Blue Mood – Peng
Blaze – Found Love – West End
Markus Enochson feat. Ingela Olsson – Listen For It – Ricanstruction
Franck Roger & M’Selem feat. Chris Wonder – Reason – Straight Up
So Much Love – White
Miami Collective feat. Oliver Cheatham & Jocelyn Brown – Mindbuster – Vocal
Kenshyro – Sky City (Marquito Rmx) – Map Dance
Laura Pausini – Escucha Atento (T&F vs Moltosugo Klub Mix) – Airplane!

One thought on “Barbecue 6 (2006)

  1. My god Dylan, I’d forgotten about this set of yours and it has brought back so many memories…. and one of my old time favourite songs that got lost in the ether and is so difficult to find… “Soul Central feat. Diana Waite – Faith”…. God… you’ve truly been building up the soundtrack of my last ten years… :-)
    What can I say… you have good taste.
    Thank you again and (albeit one day late) happy birthday again vibe-brother
    Erv X

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