Barbecue (2001)

I never realized what a commotion this marathon vocal set would cause, but it ended up being one of my most memorable mixes. I had accumulated so many years worth of soulful vocal house and never had any true medium to bring it out, I just needed to let it out and create a mix of all of them. My favorite period in house music is the 90s, and before the next decade could really take hold just yet, I’m happy to have showcased some of my favorite soulful jams from that decade. Here’s the original description, written in my usual bizarrely creative style:

“hey girl! welcome to my brooklyn barbecue. it’s hotter than a bastard out here. you got your tetanus shots, right? for the next five and half hours you’ll understand the deep vocal jams that have been moving me as a native new yorker for the past ten years. scattered throughout the five parts will be old and new records – classics and new feelings all rolled up in one. disco, dubs, r&b, full on hoboken house, ibiza happy and everything in between. every song in this mix shares three things – vocals, soul and depth. i turned my record collection upside down for this project, so show your love!!”

part 1 – reunion

back to the basics. settle into the sounds you used to know. Darryl James on the midday mix on WBLS or Tony Humphries on Kiss FM, saturday nights at 4am, cruising down the belt in mom’s datsun. say hi to old friends and make a few new ones. watch your kids – make sure they don’t fall off the swing set. have a drink before dinner’s on. yo, was that an Anita Baker track?

Jamie Lewis feat. Michael Watford – For You – Deep Vision
Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers – All I Do – Defected
Romanthony – Trust (Chandler dub) – Downtown 161
Al Kent – Back in Love – Million Dollar Disco
Nigel Hayes – Back Together – Sunshine
Homecookin’ – All About The Mind – Solevisions
PB & Co feat. Yvonne Brown – I’m in Love – Suburban
Fierce – Sweet Love – Wildstar
Billie – Come Along – Purple Music
95 North – Unbelievable – Vinylicious
Planet – Friday Nite – PandaMonium
WPA – Where Da Party At? – DJ Promo
The Factory – Do What You Feel – i!

part 2 – ribs

gather round the grill y’all cuz the ribs is on! we in the thick of it now. the saucy vocal jams of our past and present. grab a few paper towels – you’re bound to get a little messy. it’s too bad kraft had to discontinue that oven pit rib sauce, but this outta do. home is where the heart is.

Blaze – Home Is Where The Heart Is – Shelter
Phlash 3000 feat. Marcus Begg – Participate – Estereo
Indigo feat. Joy Malcolm – Fly to the Moon – Defender
Donell Jones – U Know What’s Up (Jeremy B mix) – LaFace
Brownstone – Pass the Lovin’ (Maurice Joshua mix) – Epic Street
Disco Anarchists – You Are Everything – white
Homecookin’ – Stay Away – Sole
Paula Ralph – Ain’t No Runnin’ Away – Estereo
Moments of Soul – Live My Life – Wave
Shazz feat. Alec C – Fallin’ In Love – Epic
Robyn – Good Thang – BMG
The Rurals – Sweeter Sound – PĂȘng
DSE – Bound – Mood Music

part 3 – macaroni & cheese

the perfect side dish to make it go down smooth. we take it down a notch and gives it to you a bit deeper still. make room on your plate for melodies made not only for the dance floor. now that’s nice.

George Levin – When I’m With You – Recreation
Lovebirds feat. Marie – Tweak – Trax of Interest
Jersey Street – Step into the Light – Glasgow Underground
Weekender – Spirit in Your Soul – Toko
Modaji – Into Something – Laws of Motion
Taana Gardener – Heartbeat (Touch of Class rmx) – West End
Gemo/Fabrice vs. Street Vibes – Walking – Disco Inn
Microman – Too Mankind – Ahab
Losoul – Lies – Classic
Bougie Soliterre – Superficial – Quiet Riot
Soldiers of Twilight – Feeling So High – What’s Up
Seal – Latest Craze – white

part 4 – watermelon

the meal is almost over, but the party isn’t. eat up your juicy dessert as you expose your ears to some of the vocal depth from across the atlantic. this one’s a bit happier and uplifting.

South St. Player – Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Paul Harris mix) – Cream
Tom & Joyce – Vai Minha Tristeza – Wave
Warm – It’s In The Music – 3345
Only Paradise – You Got The Way – V2 Music
Pure – U & I – Atletico
Ricky Montanari feat. Lisa Millett – I Believe – Azuli
Groove On Da Rocks – La Bonba – GDR 2
Nova Fronteira feat. Guida de Palma – Supernova – Z
Deaf’n Dumb Crew – Feel The Funk – Riviera
Negrocan – Cada Vez – Swing City
Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda – Music Is The Answer – Urban
Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna (Kamasutra mix) – DW Boys
Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna (Sebastian mix) – DW Boys
Electrix – Blame The Music – 3345

part 5 – sunset

can’t ever have enough of the local talent. as we say goodbye, here’s a handful of true classics for some perspective on how long we have come. love is the only way.

Presence feat. Shara Nelson – Sense Of Danger – Pagan
Yolanda Wyns – I Know You, I Live You – Suburban
Monday Michiru – Sunshine After The Rain – MAW
Abstract Truth – Get Another Plan – Streetwave
Can7 – Windjammer – ProgCity
Larry P. Rauson – Love Is The Only Way – Vinylicious
Tortured Soul feat. Christian Urich – I Might Do Something Wrong – Central Park
Sun Kidz feat. Chance – Rescue Me (MAW mix) – white
Kerri Chandler – Rain – Nervous
Lil’ Louis and the World – New Dance Beat – Polygram
Double Exposure – Ten Per Cent (Ken Lou mix) – Salsoul
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie’s Favorite Club mix) – Epic

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