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I know it has been forever since I’ve updated the site or created any new music (or did any gigs!). I’ve appreciated all the well wishes and hate to leave everyone hanging.

It’s true, I’ve largely become retired from the music world. But I will always keep this site up as it’s a true time capsule of so many great moments from my life–and yours.

The private feedback I’ve gotten from people telling me how this set or that served as the emotional backdrop from a certain period in their lives, has warmed my heart.

Sharing music with the world has been one of life’s great pleasures for me. And when I can I will post up a blog detailing what I’ve been up to over the past handful of years and why I decided to duck out of the scene for now.

Included below is a best of list of my favorite sets, in reverse chronological order. On the right you’ll find the archive of all the others.

Of all the iterations one goes through in their DJ career – producing, gigs, and recorded sets, it’s the SETS that have defined who I am as a DJ. As such, no matter what happens, this site will stay up forever!

Much love to all those who have followed me throughout the past 20 years.


Miami Sessions: Vol. 1(2013)

In accepting a gig at the well known high end club Spazio in downtown Miami, I was presented with a unique challenge. I needed to choose music that the younger, more commercially oriented clientele would relate to, while maintaining my own standards. The result has turned into something of a unique and new sound for me.

Performed at Club Spazio – Miami, FL – April 6, 2013

Danza 1 (Feb 2013)

DANZA is a voyage of deep, tech, funk and soul, merging electronic cultures from around the globe.

Music by:
Dylan Drazen
Danny Valencia

This set was recorded live on:
Friday, February 22nd / 2013 at Bolivar (South Beach, Miami)

Down South (2013)

Portions of this deep mix have had its fair share of attention before I finally got around to posting it.

It’s been been featured on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades of House, Spain’s Dogglounge, and Trevor Lamont’s House is Home of Lexington, KY.

Here finally is the full 2.5 hr set. This mix was warped, mangled and mashed up using Ableton Live over a week’s studio time. I created a series of YouTube videos explaining portions of what I did, as I did it. Full tracklisting available on

The downloadable mashup:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Deeper Shades of House:


House Is Home:


Volta Cab – My House Is Your House – Undertones
Evren Ulusoy – Dearly Devoted (Gorge’s Classic Remix) – i!
JazzLoungerz feat. Natasha Watts – Tell Me (Kobaalt Remix) – Sweetleaf
Lucas Keizer – Therapy – FWD
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 1) – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 2) – Deep Data
Iron Curtis – Rawls – Kolour
DJ Sprinkles – Sisters, I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To – Mule Musiq
Alex Agore – Don’t Need No One – Undertones
Two Deep – Be Right – Kolour
Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje Rekutt) – White
Jerome Sydenham – Bad Dog – Apotek
Adralan – The Sea – Chillin Music
Dave Clarke & DJ Romain – Up And Down (SoulSwept Mix) – Room Control
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Wagon Cookin Remix) – Underground Collective
Huxley – Dark Bourbon – Kolour
Pol_On – Secret Love – Kolour
Aki Bergen feat. Carmen Sherry – Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix) – Papa
Volta Cab – Problems Solved (Alex Agore Dub) – Undertones
Dave C & DJ Romain feat. Kelli Leigh – Give Me Something (DJ Romain’s Mix) – Room Control
Jovonn feat. Chavell – Don’t Touch Me (Vick Lavender Jazzmental Mix) – Deeptrax
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Sancocho A La Lena Mix) – Underground Collective
James Johnston – You’re Still The Same (Ethyl’s Wheezy Garage Mix) – Kolour
Quell – Army Of Lover (Dimitri Max You’re My Only Mix) – Kolour
Evren Ulusoy – Space For You (Steve Mill Remix) – Outside The Box
Erik Rico – Tonight (Aybee’s Bounce Skate Slap) – SoulfulBeats
Kitano – Going Home – Undertones
Todd Terje – Glittertind – Full Pupp

Tubetech (2012)

Live at Tubetech Festival – Guadalajara, Spain – September, 2012

My first time with Traktor, this is the full set which was featured on the Naked Lunch and Corrupted Sessions podcasts.


Playin 4′ The City – Hall 3 – Straight Up
Sheldon Drake – Sordei – Liquid Sky
Cristian Glitch – Sculpture (Gabeen Remix) – Plastiq
Datamatrix – Metro Line (Darmec Remix) – Carnage
A.Paul – Driving Force – Naked Lunch
Eric Sneo & Klaudia Gawlas – Bubbles – Masters of Disaster
Eric Sneo & Klaudia Gawlas – Nostalgia – Masters of Disaster
Argon & 3000krieger – Tito B. – Plastiq
Billion Jaguar & Andrew Live – Dirty Brake (Dorian Knox’s Remix) – Techno Pulse
Gabeen – Insanity (Dorian Knox Disorder Version) – Plastiq
Dorian Knox – Ground Zero (Gabeen Remix) – Plastiq
Gabeen – Fucking Noise – Plastiq
Gabeen – Fucking Noise (Vegim Silent Remix) – Plastiq
Vegim – The Rioter (Luke Creed Remix) – TMMR
Cristian Glitch – Technomachine – Road Trip
Elvio Neto – Logic – Naked Lunch
Andreas Kremer & DJ Update – Animal – Naked Lunch
Visco Space – Saves The World – Konsequent
DJ Ogi – Sars – Techno Factory
DJ Ogi – Sars (E. Pravdica Remix) – Techno Factory
Jean Simon – Drumcoding – Another Techno
Davik Sekera – Tauro (Pryde Remix) – White
Sergy Casttle – The Tunnel – Xtiluxe
Jean Simon – Ciento Trece (Dylan Drazen Remix) – Another Techno

Eleganza 2 (2012)


It took some years to find the right music for the sequel to 2007’s Eleganza. I usually don’t play entire sets of emotional music like this, as I would normally include a track or two after a set of intense melodyless beats. That was the idea behind part 1 as well.

This mix holds sentimental value, as it was the final one recorded at Triboro Studio in NYC before making the trek down to Miami with my cat Ouisie, who passed away the day before posting this. As I was packing away, I’d work on this to offset the moving experience over the course of a month.

So I dedicate this mix to you, Ouisie, my techno kitty, for putting up with over 10 years of beats. You must have been bred with a taste for electronic music, as you’d nap like a champ over my loud studio year after year.

Thanks to Frisky Radio for premiering this set on April 20, 2012.

4Mal – Twilight (Melting Intro Mix) – Baroque Limited
Ricky Ryan – Tokyo Tales (Weepee Remix) – Avangardia
Weepee – Platea – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light (Weepee Remix) – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Dice – Solaris
Robbie Rivera – Closer To The Sun (Dylan Removes Annoying Parts of Inpetto’s Vocal Mix Mashup)
Alfoa – Peyote – 7 Seas
Liluca & Nicolas Agudelo – Timeline (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) – Particles
Quarrel – Spring (Luiz B Remix) – Silk Textures
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Dezza’s Scotian Remix) – Dezire
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Soundprank Aperture Re-Rub) – Dezire
Rick Pier Oneil – Dark Day (Part 1) – Garbage
Soda Please – Luxury (Nikola Remix) – No Smoking
Jay Lumen – One Moment (A Dawn On The Beach Mix) – Pure Substance
Jay Lumen – Perpetual Motion – Pangea
John Creamer & Stephane K – The Healing (Jerome Robins Deep Mix) – Play
Anhken – It Can’t Be – Enhanced Progressive
Anhken – Who’s There – Enhanced Progressive
Answer 42 – Tucano – Anjunadeep
Paul Keeley feat. Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix) – Anjunadeep
Proff – Tell – Anjunadeep
Dinka – Aircraft – Anjunadeep
Schumann & Kloss – Shabuka – Euphonic
Lars Nyhus – Coming Soon
Depeche Mode – Precious (Sasha’s Spooky Mix Edit) – Mute
Mark Norman Presents Celine – Colour My Eyes (Black Hole)
Sunlounger & Zara – Crawling – Soundpiercing
Technasia – Again – Technasia
Shingo Nakamura – Dice (Ambient) – Solaris

WMC Miami (2012)

Originally published by Technopedia Magazine’s podcast, here is a live set from WMC 2012 in Miami.

Agoria – Speechless (Whisper Dub) – Infiné
Jordan Peak – Brutal Life – Tsuba
Kerri Chandler – Chaos (Jamie Jones Edit) – White
Danny Ocean – Backstage – Desolat
Oliver Klein & Peter Jurgens – Hey Baby – Kling Klong
Sergio Fernandez – Vivan Las Lolitas – Toolroom
Philippe Ralos – Sweep (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Fresh Lemon
Romano Rapeso – Not A Nightmare (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Teknologik
Peter Horrevorts feat. Eric Harrary – Play One (“Freak” Edit) – Lost In House
Phillip Arruda – Cassanova – Rawthentic
David Bocanegra – Hijos De La MMMM (Massimo Girardi & Deltano Remix) – Aella
Stereophonic – Question (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Lophanta
Davide Giugliano – MWAK (Audio Junkies Remix) – Human Garden
The Junkies – Werq This – SCI+TEC
Keith John – Shook 1 – Rawthentic
Nicole Moudaber – Tears Of Civet – Intec Digital
Filthy Rich – Perico (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Takt
The Junkies – Tuco – SCI+TEC
Robert Guerrero – Ayahuasca (Dylan Drazen Remix) – Selëctry Recs
The Junkies – Thug Life – Rawthentic
Jose Castillero – Belle Epoque (Luke Creed Big Bass Dub) – Technologika
Horn Porn – Sioux (Diarmaid O Meera Remix) – Naked Lunch
Dylan Drazen – One Night Outside The Tunnel – Tetraedrums