Aries (2000)

Aries was one of the first techno clubs in Spain. It was only open for a few years but the gigs were always intense. This is the club where it all began. Valladolid is the birthplace of the Spanish techno scene.

Recorded live at Aries, Valladolid, Spain – 10.07.2000

9 thoughts on “Aries (2000)

  1. I was in a lot of events in Valladolid (Tudela, Laguna de Duero, Medina del Campo…)

    Dylan Drazen, Oliver Ho, Cristian Varela, Mulero, Wavesound… What memories sniff sniff :(

  2. Pelase delete “sniff sniff” of my last post because i thinked has another mean. I want to say”cry cry”

    Sorry for my english Dylan but you know people in Spain doesnt speak english very well.

  3. The track at -23:19… no chance of getting the title of that one? I think I have been looking for that since I heard this mix back in 2000. Lost it when my car stereo was stolen and just found it now. So many great tracks on here. It was the reason i searched long and hard for Aural Exciter! Thanks Dylan!

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