20 Minutes of Hell (2002)

What was originally created as a promotional requirement for a small gig in Budapest became one of my more talked about mixes during the hard techno years. I don’t play like this anymore, but I can still appreciate the insanity.

In 2002, I wrote:
“this little promotional mini mix CD was given to the first 100 entrants into the coldwar party in budapest, hungary on december 14, 2002. it’s unsettlingly hard.”

recorded at tetanus studio, december 2002 – brooklyn

AeoX – Nuclear Winter – Null
Boss – Jahoda – Palica Vonzvreca
Andreas Kremer – Rock Them (DJ Boss rmx) – Lifeform
Dylan Drazen – Baba – Remains
Simon Krach – Current Value – Null
Polytechnique – Free Mind – Salpeter
Next Level feat. Dylan Drazen – Doch – Unreleased
Henrik B – Seven A – Illgo Rhythm

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