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I know it has been forever since I’ve updated the site or created any new music (or did any gigs!). I’ve appreciated all the well wishes and hate to leave everyone hanging.

It’s true, I’ve largely become retired from the music world. But I will always keep this site up as it’s a true time capsule of so many great moments from my life–and yours.

The private feedback I’ve gotten from people telling me how this set or that served as the emotional backdrop from a certain period in their lives, has warmed my heart.

Sharing music with the world has been one of life’s great pleasures for me. And when I can I will post up a blog detailing what I’ve been up to over the past handful of years and why I decided to duck out of the scene for now.

Included below is a best of list of my favorite sets, in reverse chronological order. On the right you’ll find the archive of all the others.

Of all the iterations one goes through in their DJ career – producing, gigs, and recorded sets, it’s the SETS that have defined who I am as a DJ. As such, no matter what happens, this site will stay up forever!

Much love to all those who have followed me throughout the past 20 years.


Eleganza 2 (2012)


It took some years to find the right music for the sequel to 2007’s Eleganza. I usually don’t play entire sets of emotional music like this, as I would normally include a track or two after a set of intense melodyless beats. That was the idea behind part 1 as well.

This mix holds sentimental value, as it was the final one recorded at Triboro Studio in NYC before making the trek down to Miami with my cat Ouisie, who passed away the day before posting this. As I was packing away, I’d work on this to offset the moving experience over the course of a month.

So I dedicate this mix to you, Ouisie, my techno kitty, for putting up with over 10 years of beats. You must have been bred with a taste for electronic music, as you’d nap like a champ over my loud studio year after year.

Thanks to Frisky Radio for premiering this set on April 20, 2012.

4Mal – Twilight (Melting Intro Mix) – Baroque Limited
Ricky Ryan – Tokyo Tales (Weepee Remix) – Avangardia
Weepee – Platea – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light (Weepee Remix) – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Linear Light – Particles
Shingo Nakamura – Dice – Solaris
Robbie Rivera – Closer To The Sun (Dylan Removes Annoying Parts of Inpetto’s Vocal Mix Mashup)
Alfoa – Peyote – 7 Seas
Liluca & Nicolas Agudelo – Timeline (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) – Particles
Quarrel – Spring (Luiz B Remix) – Silk Textures
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Dezza’s Scotian Remix) – Dezire
Dezza & Soundprank – Signals (Soundprank Aperture Re-Rub) – Dezire
Rick Pier Oneil – Dark Day (Part 1) – Garbage
Soda Please – Luxury (Nikola Remix) – No Smoking
Jay Lumen – One Moment (A Dawn On The Beach Mix) – Pure Substance
Jay Lumen – Perpetual Motion – Pangea
John Creamer & Stephane K – The Healing (Jerome Robins Deep Mix) – Play
Anhken – It Can’t Be – Enhanced Progressive
Anhken – Who’s There – Enhanced Progressive
Answer 42 – Tucano – Anjunadeep
Paul Keeley feat. Natalie Peris – Disco Belle (Dub Mix) – Anjunadeep
Proff – Tell – Anjunadeep
Dinka – Aircraft – Anjunadeep
Schumann & Kloss – Shabuka – Euphonic
Lars Nyhus – Coming Soon
Depeche Mode – Precious (Sasha’s Spooky Mix Edit) – Mute
Mark Norman Presents Celine – Colour My Eyes (Black Hole)
Sunlounger & Zara – Crawling – Soundpiercing
Technasia – Again – Technasia
Shingo Nakamura – Dice (Ambient) – Solaris

Valley Stream 2 (2009)


it took two years to find music good enough to be justified for this mix. i was always afraid to make a sequel to valley stream because of how that mix affected me. it really inspired me on an emotional level, much like 2003’s only deep. i didn’t want to disappoint myself. it’s also why i never made another ambient mix after nightrain to berlin in 1997. but then one day i was looking through my intelligent playlist and was amazed at all these brilliant, emotionally charged tracks. it was time.

this mix was featured as the 100th podcast on
thanks again to jamar for all your artwork.

produced in space and at triboro studio nyc, 04.2009

Popnoname – The Smallest Part – Italic
Ripperton & She Masaya – I Love… – Num
Martin Skogehall – Rygar – Mezzotinto
Chymera – Caprica Burning – Connaisseur Supérieur
Rocco – Heartbeat (Latin Floor Mix) – Shack Music
BeBe & CeCe Winans – Heaven (Dylan’s Heartbeat vs Heaven Mashup)
Filippo del Moro – Moyo – Electronic Petz
I:Cube – Prophetization – Verastile
Slytek – Calyx (Neon Skin Remix) – Standby
Underworld – Play Pig (Pin & Dan Remix 2) –
Nestor & Lowell – Watching The Waves – Acryl Music
Nikola Gala – Close 2 U – Escada
Scope – Quid Pro Quo (Office Gossip Remix) – Urbantorque
Jimpster – I Want It – Freerange
Dølle Jølle – Balearic Incarnation (Todd Terje Mix) – Permanent Vacation
Pryda – Wakanpi – Pryda Recordings
Loui$ – Pink Footpath (Dylan’s 85 vs Wakanpi Beats Mashup) – Max Music
Supreme Beings Of Leisure – Ride (Gabriel Diggs Remix) – Rykodisc
Stockholm Cyclo feat. M Elino – Beginning People – Cuadra

Eleganza (2007)


In 2007, I wrote:

“i typically end my abrasively hard techno sets with a touch of trance, melodic techno, or progressive house, but sped up to fit the tempo of that night’s set. this mix is comprised of the tracks that i would put at the end of a techno set, but spun at the speed the producers intended, around 128bpm. you might not know that i grew up listening to progressive house. but when i began to DJ in 1993 i largely shunned it due to its overwhelming success, and my intense desire to stay true to the underground. but now that so much time has passed, i can look back and see that this style was indeed brilliant at times. here’s a group of luxurious tracks carefully selected to demonstrate how possible it is to create beautiful dance music. after recording this 2.5 hour set in the studio, i felt the tracks might be too long, that some needed to be edited down for time, that they took too long “getting to the point.” but then i listened to the final mix and realized it was actually perfect. the nice thing about this medium is that there are no time constraints. no commercials, no schedule, no program. super long blends that ride into oblivion. the art of the blend is becoming a lost one; people are starting to mix with ableton live or other such software, eliminating the need to keep two records going without slipping. at my age now, you might consider me old school. i recorded this the old fashioned way – through serato via my 1200s!”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 10.2007


The Gladiator – Soundtrack (J&S Project Meridium Mix) – White
Perasma – Swing 2 Harmony – Vendetta
Holden & Thompson – Nothing (93 Returning Mix) – Loaded
Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms – Ego Music
Benz & MD – Mar Del Plata (Dousk Elaborate Mix) – Aurium
Elevation & Kenneth Thomas – Preen 2006 – Electronic Elements
Pig & Dan – Decisions – Submission
Rico Puestel – Interstate West – Minimal Sound Noise
The Timewriter – Is This Life – Plastic City
Aerosoul – Time Is By Your Side (Cala Azul Remix) – T.U.S.O.M.
Delerium feat. Isabel Bayrakdarian – Angelicus (Redanka Remix) – Nettwerk
Wally Lopez – Dark Sweet Piano (Moussa Clarke Remix) – La Factoria
Nikola Gala – Blue Impulse – Subterra
Simon Pierce – I’m Yours – King Kong
Roisin Murphy – Overpowered (Seamus Haji Remix) – EMI UK
The Oval Five Project – Vertigo (Dylan’s :92 Remaster) – Gee Zone
Elton D – I’m Happy – Code
303F – Rising (Neo Mix) – 303F
Glenn Morrison – Hydrology – Mau5trap
Deadmau5 – Jaded – Mau5trap
Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Chris Lake Edit) – Mau5trap
Satoshi Fumi pres. Deptech – Sweet Sensation – Klik
Vince Watson & Paul Mac – Track 2 – Influenced

Valley Stream (2007)


I recorded this set the day after a ridiculously good experience, a NYE party hosted by Victor Calderone at the old Crobar in New York. Victor was in a creative peak during that time, and he brought tech house to a whole new level. This set is the afterglow.

In 2007, I wrote:

“when you come home and you’re not quite sure what do do with yourself, you can’t get to sleep and something’s on your mind.. valley stream can help. our staff is specifically trained to handle and understand your needs. if you aren’t completely satisfied with valley stream’s results, paul hardcastle will personally come to your home and refund you of your experience.

valley stream may not be for everyone. side effects may include drowsiness, listlessness, introspection, philosophical meandering, and inner peace. consult with your emotions for more information.”

recorded at triboro studio, nyc 01.2007

Pastaboys – Limit (Re-Edit) – Defected
Cristian Paduraru feat. Ultra Naté – Love’s The Only Drug – White
Anja Schneider & Sebo K – Rancho Relaxo – Mobilee
John Tejada & Arian Leviste – From Empty Words – Palette
Chymera – Murmur – Mezzo
Sweet Coffee – Keep On Running (Sterac Electronics Club Mix) – 541
Electronic Resistance – Marvelous Night (Claude Young Remix) – Sahtatek
Chateau Flight – Boroque – Innervisions
Electronic Resistance – Futurism (Echoplex Remix) – Sahtatek
Lee Humphreys – Right On – DubbCutz
Superbass – I’m With You – Toolroom
Kris Menace feat. Fred Falke – Fairlight – Compuphonic
Kris Menace – Jupiter – Compuphonic
Lindstrøm – I Feel Space – Playhouse
Manuel Tur & Roman Salzger – You Won’t Change (Day Edit) – Electraluxe
Paul Hardcastle – King Tut – Profile

Beach Party 4 (2007)


This is probably my favorite mix of the Beach Party series. The tracks are the most memorable, and also the most radio friendly, which reminds me that pop music can be good. We don’t have to look back very far to see that.

Recorded at Triboro Studio, NYC 05.2007

Pate No 1 – Shining Star (Lifelike Remix) – Kontor
Chris Lake feat. Emma Hewitt – Carry Me Away – Rising Music
Asle Bjorn – Golden Sun (Copenhagen Dub) – Sunshine
Leg Soup – Wonderland (Soul Avengerz Remix) – Art & Craft
Justin Timberlake – My Love (Poker Face House Remix) – Zoma
Mutya Buena – Real Girl (Alistair Whitehead) – Island
Lemar – Someone Should Tell You (Alistair Whitehead Remix) – White
JoJo – Too Little Too Late (Raul Rincon Vocal Mix) – Universal
Hott 22 feat. Angie Zee – Just Friends – Gossip
Simply Red – Stay (Grant Nelson Remix) –
Louis Botella vs Afrika Bambaataa – Just Get Up And Dance – White
Ben Macklyn feat. Tiger Lily – Feel Together (Vocal Dub) – Free2Air
Bodies Without Organs – Chariots Of Fire (Air Bureau Remix) – Capitol
Muzzaik pres. URH feat. Zaida – Work It – Dekay
Nu-Matic – In The Morning (Cloud 9 Remix) – Swift
Robbie Williams & PSB – She’s Madonna (Kris Menace Remix) – Chrysalis

Only Deep (2003)


Note – Due to SoundCloud being assholes I will need to reupload this mix without it starting cold with the Schmoov track. Check back for updates. (May 2012)

I will say that this is probably the finest collection of tracks I’ve ever found. It’s the mix that once literally brought me to tears.

In 2003, I wrote:

“whenever i set up to record a house mix, there are inevitably a few records that must get left out, mostly because they are too deep, time doesn’t permit and don’t fit with the rest of the mix. here are those neglected babies, crying out for empathy. this is not peaktime music! one wednesday night i turned down the lights in the studio almost to the point where it was pitch black in the room, turned up the system real loud, and absolutely got lost in it. in today’s depressed music industry, the beautiful and intelligent tracks get left out, replaced by candy coated bullshit. the artists represented here have obviously recorded these soulful gems for the love. they were released between 2002 and 2003, largely under the radar.”

Recorded live at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn 06.04.2003

Schmoov! – Playground – DIY
Vincenzo – The Charmer – Dessous
Osunlade – Beloved – Soul Jazz
Cpen – Follow The Shine Pt. 1 – Aesoteric
Patrick Richard – Runnin – Route 33
Rebuild – Late Night Cycling (Gerd rmx) – Duplex
Sweet Abraham – Couldn’t Catch You When I Fell – Diaspora
Rasoul feat. Star Stern – Reality Remix – Soulfood
Dylan Drazen – What Will She Do (unreleased)
Elesse – Liberian Girl – BlackJack
Mike & Steven Sugar – Flight@Night – Milk&Sugar
Dalminjo – Cruz Persille – Deeplay
Westpark Unit feat. Victor Davies – Fade Away – Draft

Double Miles (2002)


Another terribly important mix to me, this comes second only to Only Deep. It’s yet another demonstration of how special the late 90s and early 2000s were for house.

In 2002 I wrote:

“80 minute deep house mix originally recorded for lars behrenroth’s deeper shades of house radio show, broadcasted on germany’s JAM FM 07.20.02. a bit of post-production fun found its way into this mix. what originally started out as quite well rounded, the mood took hold and i realized how many smooth jams needed to be immortalized. hence this is probably one of the deepest mixes up on the site to date.”

recorded at tetanus studio, 06.25.2002 – brooklyn

Ciudad Feliz – Airport – Silver Network
Tiefschwarz – You (Dub) – Classic
Word Of Mouth – Reach Out – Quiet Riot
Shukie feat. Olalekan Babalola – Apna Musaik (Modaji rmx) – Rekawa Sound
Martin Solveig – Someday (Spen & Karizma rmx) – Mixture
Ken Norris & Demon Ritchie – Love Makes You Right – Gatitude
Soul Central – Song For Sharma – Clean Cut
DJ Fudge – Tafina – KIF
Monsieur Charles – Light Of The Sun – Electronic Jazz
Marschmellows – Flash Fried (Needs rmx) – Audiopharm
[Digital Underground – Doowutchyalike]
Mazi feat. Colette – Do You Want Me? (Freestyle Man rmx) – Brique Rouge
P. Lauer – Handcuffs – Séparé
BRS – Treat Me So Bad (JT Donaldson rmx) – Cyclo
[Donald Fagen – I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)]
DJ Rasoul – Quiet Storm – Large
Kim English – Been So Long (Wamdue rmx) – Hysteria
DJ Rasoul – Quiet Storm – Large
[Anita Baker – Been So Long]

dd24: Carry On (2002)


Just like dd21 and dd23 are in a tie for my favorite techno mixes, dd24 is in a dead heat with dd22 for my favorite house mixes. The early 2000s were an equally special time for hard techno and deep house, and I’m happy to have been a part of it.

“And every sista in here has tried that shit at least one time, baby!”

Performed January 2002 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

The Kick Inside – Lush Life – Brique Rouge
Pound Boys – T’s Theme – Bumpin’ City
Brett Johnson/Demarkus Lewis – The Snooze Button – Roam
Fusion Groove Orchestra + Simon Green – The Dream – Curious
St. Germain – Sure Thing (Todd Edwards rmx) – Blue Note
Paul Jays – Lava Love – Kaos
DJ Spinna – Groove – Sole
Tiefschwarz – Schwanitz – Classic
Modjo – What I Mean (Mood II Swing rmx) – Modjo
Louis Benedetti – Doin’ Da Boogie – ProgCity
Stacy Kidd – Love & Tenderness – Riviera
Nova Fronteira – Calma – Z Records
Sunaga t Experience – Chitose Airport (Swag rmx) – Flower
Hanna – The Rose – Lumi
Ronin – Jazz Dirt – Primary
Playin’ 4 The City feat. Janice Leca – Show Me Love – Straight Up
Shunt Limit – In My Life – WideLeft
Kick Squad – Walk South Central – Pêng
Next Evidence – Interlude – Basic

dd23: No Carrier (2002)


More incredible tracks from techno’s renaissance period of 2001. It’s a trick, get an axe!

Performed January 2002 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

Byron Bogues – This Place Is Everything – Choke
Byron Bogues – Hydra – Eruptive
Tobias Knobloch – Goodmorning – Episode
Rexxx – S.O.S. – D Records
Coming Soon – Ozonic – EC Records
Paul Mac – Elvis Beats (Ben Sims edit) – Stimulus
Deetron – Robotics – Phont
Regis – White Stains – Downwards
Si Begg – Welcome (Gayle San rmx) – Compressed
Greg Gow – Project 004 – Default
Electronic Home Entertainment – 24.24 – Federation of Drums
Dylan Drazen – Engine – Remains
Subhead – Q Hey (Shufflemaster rmx) – Subhead
Zank + g/b – Health Meter – Housedust
Immersion – Nose Tikkla – Routemaster
Sutramat – Rythmic Assault – Automat
Pistoloco – Ghost Copy – No Entry
Mark Tyler – Craka Wacka – No Entry
Dylan Drazen – Baba – Remains
Switchblade – Hard – 4x4x10
Diego – Execution Manual – Do Something
Switchblade – Deep – 4x4x10
Rhythms of Nature – Spirit Catcher – Fullspectdrum
Sharpside – Wave Cruising – Rotation

Barbecue (2001)


I never realized what a commotion this marathon vocal set would cause, but it ended up being one of my most memorable mixes. I had accumulated so many years worth of soulful vocal house and never had any true medium to bring it out, I just needed to let it out and create a mix of all of them. My favorite period in house music is the 90s, and before the next decade could really take hold just yet, I’m happy to have showcased some of my favorite soulful jams from that decade. Here’s the original description, written in my usual bizarrely creative style:

“hey girl! welcome to my brooklyn barbecue. it’s hotter than a bastard out here. you got your tetanus shots, right? for the next five and half hours you’ll understand the deep vocal jams that have been moving me as a native new yorker for the past ten years. scattered throughout the five parts will be old and new records – classics and new feelings all rolled up in one. disco, dubs, r&b, full on hoboken house, ibiza happy and everything in between. every song in this mix shares three things – vocals, soul and depth. i turned my record collection upside down for this project, so show your love!!”

part 1 – reunion

back to the basics. settle into the sounds you used to know. Darryl James on the midday mix on WBLS or Tony Humphries on Kiss FM, saturday nights at 4am, cruising down the belt in mom’s datsun. say hi to old friends and make a few new ones. watch your kids – make sure they don’t fall off the swing set. have a drink before dinner’s on. yo, was that an Anita Baker track?

Jamie Lewis feat. Michael Watford – For You – Deep Vision
Cleptomaniacs feat. Bryan Chambers – All I Do – Defected
Romanthony – Trust (Chandler dub) – Downtown 161
Al Kent – Back in Love – Million Dollar Disco
Nigel Hayes – Back Together – Sunshine
Homecookin’ – All About The Mind – Solevisions
PB & Co feat. Yvonne Brown – I’m in Love – Suburban
Fierce – Sweet Love – Wildstar
Billie – Come Along – Purple Music
95 North – Unbelievable – Vinylicious
Planet – Friday Nite – PandaMonium
WPA – Where Da Party At? – DJ Promo
The Factory – Do What You Feel – i!

part 2 – ribs

gather round the grill y’all cuz the ribs is on! we in the thick of it now. the saucy vocal jams of our past and present. grab a few paper towels – you’re bound to get a little messy. it’s too bad kraft had to discontinue that oven pit rib sauce, but this outta do. home is where the heart is.

Blaze – Home Is Where The Heart Is – Shelter
Phlash 3000 feat. Marcus Begg – Participate – Estereo
Indigo feat. Joy Malcolm – Fly to the Moon – Defender
Donell Jones – U Know What’s Up (Jeremy B mix) – LaFace
Brownstone – Pass the Lovin’ (Maurice Joshua mix) – Epic Street
Disco Anarchists – You Are Everything – white
Homecookin’ – Stay Away – Sole
Paula Ralph – Ain’t No Runnin’ Away – Estereo
Moments of Soul – Live My Life – Wave
Shazz feat. Alec C – Fallin’ In Love – Epic
Robyn – Good Thang – BMG
The Rurals – Sweeter Sound – Pêng
DSE – Bound – Mood Music

part 3 – macaroni & cheese

the perfect side dish to make it go down smooth. we take it down a notch and gives it to you a bit deeper still. make room on your plate for melodies made not only for the dance floor. now that’s nice.

George Levin – When I’m With You – Recreation
Lovebirds feat. Marie – Tweak – Trax of Interest
Jersey Street – Step into the Light – Glasgow Underground
Weekender – Spirit in Your Soul – Toko
Modaji – Into Something – Laws of Motion
Taana Gardener – Heartbeat (Touch of Class rmx) – West End
Gemo/Fabrice vs. Street Vibes – Walking – Disco Inn
Microman – Too Mankind – Ahab
Losoul – Lies – Classic
Bougie Soliterre – Superficial – Quiet Riot
Soldiers of Twilight – Feeling So High – What’s Up
Seal – Latest Craze – white

part 4 – watermelon

the meal is almost over, but the party isn’t. eat up your juicy dessert as you expose your ears to some of the vocal depth from across the atlantic. this one’s a bit happier and uplifting.

South St. Player – Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Paul Harris mix) – Cream
Tom & Joyce – Vai Minha Tristeza – Wave
Warm – It’s In The Music – 3345
Only Paradise – You Got The Way – V2 Music
Pure – U & I – Atletico
Ricky Montanari feat. Lisa Millett – I Believe – Azuli
Groove On Da Rocks – La Bonba – GDR 2
Nova Fronteira feat. Guida de Palma – Supernova – Z
Deaf’n Dumb Crew – Feel The Funk – Riviera
Negrocan – Cada Vez – Swing City
Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda – Music Is The Answer – Urban
Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna (Kamasutra mix) – DW Boys
Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna (Sebastian mix) – DW Boys
Electrix – Blame The Music – 3345

part 5 – sunset

can’t ever have enough of the local talent. as we say goodbye, here’s a handful of true classics for some perspective on how long we have come. love is the only way.

Presence feat. Shara Nelson – Sense Of Danger – Pagan
Yolanda Wyns – I Know You, I Live You – Suburban
Monday Michiru – Sunshine After The Rain – MAW
Abstract Truth – Get Another Plan – Streetwave
Can7 – Windjammer – ProgCity
Larry P. Rauson – Love Is The Only Way – Vinylicious
Tortured Soul feat. Christian Urich – I Might Do Something Wrong – Central Park
Sun Kidz feat. Chance – Rescue Me (MAW mix) – white
Kerri Chandler – Rain – Nervous
Lil’ Louis and the World – New Dance Beat – Polygram
Double Exposure – Ten Per Cent (Ken Lou mix) – Salsoul
Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Frankie’s Favorite Club mix) – Epic

dd22: Caught In The Act (2001)


This mix is special to me, as it represents the very beginning of a memorable chapter in my life.

Performed February 2001 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

New Phunk Theory feat. Kerry Green – Always – Airtight
Addvibe – Feels So Good 2Nite – Discfunction
The Yann Fontaine Project – Soul Fonction – Brique
Simply Complicated – Selenia – Hole Subaltern
Trouble Men – Sunrise On Ocean Drive – Kif
Phlash – Sparkling Not Still – Estereo
Braxe & Falke – Running – Vulture
Dino/Terry Demopoulos/DJ Deep – No More Tears – Basenotic
The Last Minister – We Talk Romance – Rec In Pause
DJ Linus – La Chère – Exun
Rapsody – Time For A Change – Mercury
Filthy Rich feat. Nicole P. – Too-Nite – i!
Deaf’n Dumb Crew – Holiday On Night – Riviera
Mehdi Naili/Buxxy – Mellow Smooth – Stunt Brothers
Rob Mello – I Like It Fucked – Classic
Savannah – I’ll Do Anything – Kif
Richard Les Crees – Dengon (Kokoro Kara Odotte) – Distance
Demon Ritchie – Casa Profunda – Vitamine
Aquarian Dream – Love and Tears – Defender

dd21: High Heel Techno (2001)


This mix is in a tie with “No Carrier” for my favorite techno mixes. I believe 2001 was the renaissance period for European hard techno. From the original description:

“With clubbier styled sounds fused together with the harder elements lately, the title “high heel techno” seemed apt, as my techno roots are firmly planted from watching the drag-queens do their thing on the Limelight club’s dance floor in NYC. Back and forth, these thin, muscle-bound monsters would show each other who could strut their shit the best in 1992.”

Performed January 2001 at Tetanus Studio, Brooklyn

Trace Element – Falling Logs – Elestik
Frankie Vega – The End, a Means and False Imspirations – Remains
Paul Nazca & Ultracolor – Loom – Scandium
The Reaver – Potion No.6 – Glyph
Do you like the way you feel when you shake? – A Squared
Rino Cerrone – Optical Way – Relentless
Signal Electrique & Noise Builder – A2 – OG
Genie – Night Walker – Convolute
DJ Ze Mig-L – Happy Tribe – Djax
Dylan Drazen – Beacon – Remains
Elastik Trikery – Beatbox – Insert
Basic Implant – Brain Circle – Søk
G-Man – 70-4 – Fieber
Métier – Body Electric (James Ruskin mix) – Coda
Gecko – Flugmaschiene – Delirium Red
Rob Stow – Curve Pusher – Hydraulix
Tuttle – EG Decay – Anlx
Tekno Résistants – Cataclysme – Resistance3
Michael Forshaw – Nerve Hammer – Red Seal
Alex K. Katz – Seek + Destroy – Jerk
G. McAffer & D. Preece – RAW 004
Ural 13 Diktators – Chernobyl Reaction – Lazer Attack

Ultimately Deep (1999)


I really can’t put to words how important this set ended up being to me. It’s kept me company over many long trips through the years. I’m so glad I recorded it when I did; it truly shows how inspired house made me in the 90s. My one regret is I never made a track listing, and the vinyl is packed away in boxes now. Long live Ultimately Deep. It lived up to its title. :)

dd18: Everything Is Fine..Sunshine (1999)


The idealist in me brought out some great mixes. From the original description:

“You know when you’re on the beach, layin’ under the sungods with your walkman on.. your eyes closed but all you see is brightness. The sounds in the background are happy, filled with hope. The kids are runnin’ around, yellin’ and hollerin’. The crashing shore, the tight bodies surfin’ only a few feet away. And all of a sudden the most beautiful, rich, phattest jam comes into your conscience. And for that one moment in your life, everything is washed away on that not-too-distant shore. Everything feels good. Under that sun. And you want it to last forever and ever.. I remember once having this experience. I was a teenager, and I felt like a kid. I remembered this moment and I never let it go. I still remember the mix I was listening to. It reminds me of the utter joy I felt within myself that day. It is my dream to provide the sounds that deliver an experience like that.”

Performed April 1999 in The Love Zone, Brooklyn

side a

Erasure – Stay With Me (NY Mix) – Slip ‘N’ Slide
Dylan Drazen – Jimmy Después – G-Force
Laura Alford – Hold On – West Side
LoSoul – Brother In Love – Playhouse
Ronin – Lights Out – PTSounds
The Persuader – Centralbron – Svek
MSD – Love Line – Wave
New Phunk Theory – Slope Two – Forensic
MSD – Satisfy – Wave
Dan Bell – The Wild Life – Elevate

side b

Dee Dee Brave – Mookies Bio – 11:07
Johnny Fiasco – Fluid – Distant
Sparkling Experiences – Hardswing Vision – bno
Sasse – The Better Weekend – i220
Atjazz – Wind & Sea – Diversions
New Phunk Theory – Mutha Phuka – Forensic
Dan Bell – Subterranean – Elevate
Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin – Mad House
Ian Pooley – Lite Juice – Strive
Joe Claussell – Heaven – Ibidan
Sade – Removable Tatoo – HOA

dd16: Undercover The Third (1998)


I was so in love with this style of house music. Techno might have been my career, but this music was really moving me. Remastered in 2010.

Performed September 1998 in The Cervix, Brooklyn

side a

[van johnson intro]
Euphonic – Getting Away From It All – i!
Rick Wade – Deep -N- Dirty – Harmonie Park
Sasse – Jersey – Mood Music
Lazy Bones – Daphase – St. Médard
Weekender – Sunday Session – Toko
Soul Creation – Dreams – Distant
Julius Papp & Dave Warrin – Daylight – Large
Terra Dëva – Inside – OM
Tommi – That’s What It Is! – Icon
Notts. Landing – We’ve Heard It All – Bright Lights
A Maze Of Bass – Headlights – Bright Lights
Sunshine Funk – Old School Romance – Sunshine Groove
Masters At Work – Odyssey – MAW
Solaris Heights – Solarism – Paper
Sixteen Souls – Strange Girl – Alola

side b

Playin’4 The City – My City Life – Straight Up
Rick Wade – Forgotten Track – Harmonie Park
Mr. YT – Parfum – Global Cute
Music From The Trees – Summer In The City – Nou Lion
Kalk – Let’s Take A Break – Brif
Playin’4 The City – More Than Ever – Straight Up
Wayne Gardiner – Funky – i!
Next Evidence – Endlessly – Straight Up
Next Evidence – My Secrets – Basic
Herbert and Dani Siciliano – Going Round – Phonography
Playin’4 The City – SH Blues – Straight Up
MAW feat. Louis Salianas – Pienso En Ti – MAW
[homeless guy on the B train going over manhattan bridge on a monday morning outro]

dd14: Velvet Rope (1998)


While I continued to get busy with the techno, I wouldn’t let the deep house side go. From the original description, I wrote that “this music will remind you in the future of your experiences today.”

Performed March 1998 on The Serpentine, NYC

side a

JT Donaldson – Mota-Vation – Fair Park
Saint Etienne versus Faze Action – Sylvie – Cre
Slam Mode – Cres Aquatica – Deep Worldwide
Darktown Strutters – Manhattan Dub – Neurotic
Jordan Fields – Are You Serious? – Mood Groove
Superlova – All Night (svex rmx) – Raw Elements
The Persuader – Kungstradgarden – Svek
Experiment 43 – What I Feel – DNH
Vincent Nello – Sweet Night – Obsession
Greenbelt – Everyone – diy
Blue 6 – Do Ya Like It? (b&s dub) – Wave
Ramsey And Co – Love Call – BBE
Jazz Twit – Strides – Shaboom

side b

Jean Cochois – So Much Pain Inside – Plastic City
Presence – Better Day (Salt City Orchestra’s Better Remix) – Pagan
Attaboy – Busted Wagon (Salt City Numb Dub) – Toko
Graham Jerimia – So Good – Rita
Nouveau Riche – Nights Over Whales – Estereo
Soul Purpose – Soul Purpose Too – Low Pressings
Larry Heard – Saga of the Evil Queen – Distance
Chris Gray – Tranquil Solutions – Music Is…
Oscuro P. – Sole Inflection – Pan
Larry Heard – So Much Joy – Guidance

dd11: I’m Dripping (1997)


A fan favorite :)
Performed July 1997 on The Serpentine, NYC

side a

A Reminiscent Drive – Dawn Man – F Communications
Slick n’ Flash – Split – Back To Basics
The Episodes – Late Night With Eddie – Essential
Mood II Swing – Searchin’ (dub)- Groove On
Tronicsole – Tu-Souls – Sole
The East West Connection – The More I Get, The More I Want (dub) – Chilli Funk
Unit 2 – Keep Your Head Up (dub) – Sole
Klarky Kat – Gumbo – Toko
Andy Carrick – Freak Vibrations – Glasgow Underground
Deep Down – Movie Score – G-Spot
Urban Soul – What Do I Gotta Do – King Street
Soul Digger – Autumn – Interstate
Retro Emotion – Madison’s Playground – Cross Section
Yellow #9 – Keep On Loving – Schatrax

side b

Purveyors Of Fine Funk – The Truth For You – Peacefrog
Freil – West of Motebe – Transfusion
Vincenzo – Come Together – Raw Elements
Brommage – Brommage Dub – Svek
Crazy Penis – Summer Bummer – Paper
Primitive – Lapis Lazuli – Primitive Urges
S.I. Project – A Piece of Capri – Adelphoi
Underground Evolution – Walk On Water (dub) – Ugly
Glenn Underground – Sun, Moon & 12 Stars – Peacefrog
Cab Drivers – Elwico – Cabinet
Anthony Teasdale – She Frowned, He Smiled – Alola

dd09: Two Undercover (1997)


Second installment of the deep Undercover series, recorded back when I was a wide eyed smart ass college student working at Satellite. That Don Carlos track still gives me the shivers.

Performed February 1997 in my shitty dorm room in Boston

side a

Seekness – Balade Au Bout Du Monde – Reload Ambient
Nato – Move on Smooth – Stronghouse
Louie Balo – Pause – Apricot
Cheek – Venus “Sunshine People” – Versitile
DJ Linus – Pleasure – Freuden House
Soul Motive – The 2s and 5s – Blue Basique
Future Homosapiens – Driving Deep South – Galactic Disco
Fatso – Summer Swing – Explosive
Callisto – Need Ur Love – Guidance
Blunted Dummies – House For All – Definitive
Andy Roberts – Sweet Jesus – Crash
Roy Davis Jr. – Gabrielle – Large
Oliv. Portal – Easy House – Straight Up

side b

Plesence – The Strength – Remote
Groovebox – The More You Want – Nitegrooves
Callisto – The Cimmercian – Guidance
Freil – Make Me Feel – Transfusion
Trevor Loveys – Serihouse – House of 909
Ian Raendstrom – Rainy Days – BCC
Daniel Bell – 1st Premonition – Superstition
J. Dahlback – The Lonesome Dub – Svek
Jazz n Groove Prod. – House Vibe no.1 – Doghouse
Street Corner Symphony – Symphomaniac – Street Corner
Don Carlos – Alone – Calypso

dd08: Nightrain To Berlin (1997)


The only ambient mix I ever made.

Performed February 1997 in my shitty dorm room in Boston

Atomu Shizno – Cool Memories – Atom Heart
Angelo Badalamenti – Fire Walk With Me – WB
154 – It Is The End Immanent Within Them – 100% Pure
The KLF – Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold – Wax Trax
Seekness – Cyberwar Survivor – Reload Ambient
A Reminiscent Drive – Side Effects – F Communications
Gas – A – Mille Plateaux
Chaka Khan – Through The Fire – WB
Jo Bogaert – Ambient Kinsky – Play It Again Sam
Digital Underground – Packet Prelude – Tommy Boy
Mad Mike – Big Stone Lake – UR
Subhead – Dimensional Lock – Subhead
Queen – In The Death Cell – Hollywood
Millsart – Humana (a1) – Axis 12
The Art of Noise – Love Beat – Zang Tuum Tumb
Woob – 1194 – Emit
Vainqueur – Solanus – Chain Reaction
Alec Empire – 22:24 – Mille Plateaux
Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers – Just The Two of Us – Elektra
Larry Heard – Winter Winds and Chill – Black Market
Move D – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Fifth Freedom
The Art of Noise – A Nation Rejects – Zang Tuum Tumb
A Reminiscent Drive – Two Sides to Every Story – F Communications
Phlegm – Schism – Reload Ambient
The Art of Noise – Debut – Zang Tuum Tumb
Sub Sub – Past – Robb’s Records
Alec Empire – 20 (1) – Mille Plateaux
Earth to Infinity – Soylent Green – Source

A fan created alternative artwork for this mix:

dd06: Undercover (1996)


The original!

Performed July 1996 at Satellite Studios, NYC

side a

Nova Nova – See – F Communications
Tim Harper – Lake Shore Drive – Peacefrog
Sean Grant – I Hear My Calling (dub) – Zestland
Honey Drop/Honesty – Drop 2 – Cabinet
DJ Linus – New Jersey Funk – Compose
Yellow Sax – Flim Flam – Nuphonic
Fresh and Low – Stay the Night – Guidance
Roman IV – FKK – Ladomat 2000
Julius Papp – Philly Soul – Jazz Club
RMA – Present – Big Big
Glenn Underground – Tribe of Benjamin – Freezone
Todd Edwards – Fly Away (dub) – i Records
Soul Motive – Into the Night – Nuphonic
In 2 Deep – Shakedown Part 2 – House of 909
Future Soul Orchestra – Life’s Journey – House of 909

side b

B. McArthur & Rasoul – Excursion 2 – Subwoofer
Loose Baggage – Dancin’ – Luxury Service
Vincent Floyd – I Need You – Subwoofer
In 2 Deep – Shakedown Part 1 – House of 909
A.M.C.A./Sensory Prod. – Jihad – Luxury Service
Blue Spirit – 001 – Blue Spirit
Schatrax – Relentless Nights – Schatrax
Mr. Barth – Step A Side – Plumphouse
Sensory Prod. – Deep Introspection – Luxury Service
Round One – I’m Your Brother – Main Street
Salt City Orchestra – The Book (reprise) – Paper

Miami Sessions: Vol. 1(2013)

In accepting a gig at the well known high end club Spazio in downtown Miami, I was presented with a unique challenge. I needed to choose music that the younger, more commercially oriented clientele would relate to, while maintaining my own standards. The result has turned into something of a unique and new sound for me.

Performed at Club Spazio – Miami, FL – April 6, 2013

Danza 1 (Feb 2013)

DANZA is a voyage of deep, tech, funk and soul, merging electronic cultures from around the globe.

Music by:
Dylan Drazen
Danny Valencia

This set was recorded live on:
Friday, February 22nd / 2013 at Bolivar (South Beach, Miami)

Down South (2013)

Portions of this deep mix have had its fair share of attention before I finally got around to posting it.

It’s been been featured on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades of House, Spain’s Dogglounge, and Trevor Lamont’s House is Home of Lexington, KY.

Here finally is the full 2.5 hr set. This mix was warped, mangled and mashed up using Ableton Live over a week’s studio time. I created a series of YouTube videos explaining portions of what I did, as I did it. Full tracklisting available on

The downloadable mashup:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Deeper Shades of House:


House Is Home:


Volta Cab – My House Is Your House – Undertones
Evren Ulusoy – Dearly Devoted (Gorge’s Classic Remix) – i!
JazzLoungerz feat. Natasha Watts – Tell Me (Kobaalt Remix) – Sweetleaf
Lucas Keizer – Therapy – FWD
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 1) – Deep Data
Rene Breitbarth – Rough Trax (Cut 2) – Deep Data
Iron Curtis – Rawls – Kolour
DJ Sprinkles – Sisters, I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To – Mule Musiq
Alex Agore – Don’t Need No One – Undertones
Two Deep – Be Right – Kolour
Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It (Todd Terje Rekutt) – White
Jerome Sydenham – Bad Dog – Apotek
Adralan – The Sea – Chillin Music
Dave Clarke & DJ Romain – Up And Down (SoulSwept Mix) – Room Control
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Wagon Cookin Remix) – Underground Collective
Huxley – Dark Bourbon – Kolour
Pol_On – Secret Love – Kolour
Aki Bergen feat. Carmen Sherry – Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix) – Papa
Volta Cab – Problems Solved (Alex Agore Dub) – Undertones
Dave C & DJ Romain feat. Kelli Leigh – Give Me Something (DJ Romain’s Mix) – Room Control
Jovonn feat. Chavell – Don’t Touch Me (Vick Lavender Jazzmental Mix) – Deeptrax
Colombia Soul Orchestra – Chande En Laureles (Sancocho A La Lena Mix) – Underground Collective
James Johnston – You’re Still The Same (Ethyl’s Wheezy Garage Mix) – Kolour
Quell – Army Of Lover (Dimitri Max You’re My Only Mix) – Kolour
Evren Ulusoy – Space For You (Steve Mill Remix) – Outside The Box
Erik Rico – Tonight (Aybee’s Bounce Skate Slap) – SoulfulBeats
Kitano – Going Home – Undertones
Todd Terje – Glittertind – Full Pupp

Tubetech (2012)

Live at Tubetech Festival – Guadalajara, Spain – September, 2012

My first time with Traktor, this is the full set which was featured on the Naked Lunch and Corrupted Sessions podcasts.


Playin 4′ The City – Hall 3 – Straight Up
Sheldon Drake – Sordei – Liquid Sky
Cristian Glitch – Sculpture (Gabeen Remix) – Plastiq
Datamatrix – Metro Line (Darmec Remix) – Carnage
A.Paul – Driving Force – Naked Lunch
Eric Sneo & Klaudia Gawlas – Bubbles – Masters of Disaster
Eric Sneo & Klaudia Gawlas – Nostalgia – Masters of Disaster
Argon & 3000krieger – Tito B. – Plastiq
Billion Jaguar & Andrew Live – Dirty Brake (Dorian Knox’s Remix) – Techno Pulse
Gabeen – Insanity (Dorian Knox Disorder Version) – Plastiq
Dorian Knox – Ground Zero (Gabeen Remix) – Plastiq
Gabeen – Fucking Noise – Plastiq
Gabeen – Fucking Noise (Vegim Silent Remix) – Plastiq
Vegim – The Rioter (Luke Creed Remix) – TMMR
Cristian Glitch – Technomachine – Road Trip
Elvio Neto – Logic – Naked Lunch
Andreas Kremer & DJ Update – Animal – Naked Lunch
Visco Space – Saves The World – Konsequent
DJ Ogi – Sars – Techno Factory
DJ Ogi – Sars (E. Pravdica Remix) – Techno Factory
Jean Simon – Drumcoding – Another Techno
Davik Sekera – Tauro (Pryde Remix) – White
Sergy Casttle – The Tunnel – Xtiluxe
Jean Simon – Ciento Trece (Dylan Drazen Remix) – Another Techno

WMC Miami (2012)

Originally published by Technopedia Magazine’s podcast, here is a live set from WMC 2012 in Miami.

Agoria – Speechless (Whisper Dub) – Infiné
Jordan Peak – Brutal Life – Tsuba
Kerri Chandler – Chaos (Jamie Jones Edit) – White
Danny Ocean – Backstage – Desolat
Oliver Klein & Peter Jurgens – Hey Baby – Kling Klong
Sergio Fernandez – Vivan Las Lolitas – Toolroom
Philippe Ralos – Sweep (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Fresh Lemon
Romano Rapeso – Not A Nightmare (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Teknologik
Peter Horrevorts feat. Eric Harrary – Play One (“Freak” Edit) – Lost In House
Phillip Arruda – Cassanova – Rawthentic
David Bocanegra – Hijos De La MMMM (Massimo Girardi & Deltano Remix) – Aella
Stereophonic – Question (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Lophanta
Davide Giugliano – MWAK (Audio Junkies Remix) – Human Garden
The Junkies – Werq This – SCI+TEC
Keith John – Shook 1 – Rawthentic
Nicole Moudaber – Tears Of Civet – Intec Digital
Filthy Rich – Perico (Massimo Girardi Remix) – Takt
The Junkies – Tuco – SCI+TEC
Robert Guerrero – Ayahuasca (Dylan Drazen Remix) – Selëctry Recs
The Junkies – Thug Life – Rawthentic
Jose Castillero – Belle Epoque (Luke Creed Big Bass Dub) – Technologika
Horn Porn – Sioux (Diarmaid O Meera Remix) – Naked Lunch
Dylan Drazen – One Night Outside The Tunnel – Tetraedrums